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Absence Management 

Reducing staff absence levels is at the heart of our occupational health service. We understand that supporting individuals and ensuring that they return to work as soon as possible is critical to your business.

At Fusion, we specialise in the delivery of a proactive nurse-led absence management service, focusing on early intervention and early return-to-work strategies. Our comprehensive triage process helps you find the most qualified clinician and appropriate path for treatment.

We are experts on absenteeism, the many causes of staff absence, absence monitoring, support and reporting. Our trained and experienced occupational health specialists can also advise on how to best manage employee returns to work, long-term illnesses, sick pay and fit notes.

Staff Absence Management Referrals

Because our case managers are trained Occupational Health Advisors (OHA’s), they can manage 85% of all referrals. The remaining 15% of cases may need to be referred to one of over 150 Occupational Health Physicians that we work with.

92% of clients are better able to cope with the demands of their job

Our physio and counselling partners can provide services across the UK, allowing us to help you manage the outcome and recommendations leading from your initial referral and OHA report.

93% of clients are better able to cope with current problems

Fusion works on a remote case staff absence management model, which means fast turnaround with an employee being contacted within 24 hours. Consultations normally happen within 2 – 5 days with reports being uploaded for viewing within 48 hours of the consultation (depending on employee consent).

If required, we can also offer management calls before the consultation with the employee. These conversations give the OHA further information which may be relevant if the case is a little more complex.

87% reported an improved satisfaction in their personal life

Our staff absence management reports provide advice on what should happen next. We’ll look at reasonable and workable adjustments to get the employee back to work quickly and with genuine support. We can also offer a post-consultation interpretation call to discuss the contents of a report to clarify any uncertain areas.

Counselling and Physiotherapy Services

When appropriate, we can also offer counselling and physiotherapy alongside our absence management and support service.

Case Conferences

The purpose of a case conference is to allow all interested parties a forum to discuss complex cases of capability and rehabilitation. Especially if an in-depth understanding of medical limitations, company policy and operational need is required.

Involvement from the OHP/OHA would usually be via conference call and would be relevant when:

  • An employee has attended 3 OH appointments for the same condition
  • Conflicting medical opinion arises
  • OH, HR or management has requested a case conference prior to the above triggers

Reports, Advice and Recommendations

Good reports are generally built on good referrals so our CG team will provide support and training to ensure your staff understand how best to complete the form

Although the reports are advisory only, we train our staff to provide:

  • A medical opinion on fitness to work of an individual and advice on workplace adjustments
  • Objective, clear advice which is evidence based and offers support to employers
  • Advice on the promotion and maintenance of healthy lifestyles amongst the workforce

We are not the employees advocate. The Occupational Health service is there for the benefit of both employee and the Employer and our opinion will always be objective and fair.

Our Clinical team will help your managers to understand the reports and will, via our Managers Helpline, be on hand to advise you managers on referral creation and report interpretation


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Sophie Mawle

Absence Management Referrals Specialist

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