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Designed to revolutionise the world of workplace health & wellbeing through digital AI Technology.
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What is FUSE AI?

Health & Wellbeing Consolidation
Consolidate all employee healthcare services (such as your EAP) into one platform, with one measurable entry point threw our AI Powered Digital Wellbeing Aggregator.
Digital Wellbeing Assistant
Real-time employee wellbeing support, assisting your people in finding the help they need faster with our AI Powered Digital Wellbeing Assistant.
Interactive Wellbeing Support
Your people can access digital health checks, personal goal setting and the wellbeing library giving them the ability to make healthier lifestyle choices.
Corporate Wellbeing Challenges
Set company wide wellbeing challenges and drive high levels of engagement by allowing your people to come together with one common goal to be active, healthy and happy.
Health & Wellbeing Analytics
Company wide health analytics with actionable insights at your fingertips, giving you a greater understanding of employee health within your business.

Why Invest In Employee Wellbeing?

Fuse AI is a health and wellbeing application designed to give your employees access to all employee healthcare solutions and benefits in one place with a single-entry point. Fuse AI is measurable and enables employers to gain a holistic view on all engagement with health, wellbeing and benefit investments. The application is available in any company brand and is inclusive and accessible to all employees.

of organisations believe that employee wellbeing initiatives drive increased productivity and engagement.

Employee Benefits (2020)

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of organisations are using health and wellbeing applications to support their workforce.

People Management (2022)


improvement in productivity after implementation of an EAP.

Health Assured (2016)

Realising the Benefits

Improve Employee Health
Improve Employee Productivity
Increase Employee Engagement
Increase Talent Retention & Attraction
Reduce Sickness Absence

“Having access to the FUSE app means that our people can use services at the point of need, reducing delays and enhancing their wellbeing.”

Lauren Oliver – Health Care & Project Manager – Lincolnshire Police

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“The FUSE Platform has enabled us to make health & wellbeing interesting, interactive and fun with health challenges, goal setting, mindfulness challenges and health & wellbeing campaigns.”

Jemma Harrison – Head of People – Gray Healthcare

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