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Occupational health services

Take a look at our services below. Please note that service enhancements are also available as standalone services.
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Core Services

Management Referrals

What is a Management Referral? Management referrals are for managers and HR teams who may have concerns about the health and wellbeing of an employee […]

New Starter Assessments

A New Starter Assessment (NSA) is the most cost-effective way to identify health problems early on so that appropriate adjustments can be put in place to […]

Day 1 Absence Management

A 24/7 central absence line, staffed by our trained operators, providing the opportunity to track, manage, and reduce sickness absence in your workplace by […]

Fuse AI

The Ultimate Employee Healthcare Hub: designed to revolutionise the world of workplace health & wellbeing through digital AI Technology […]

Health & Wellbeing Promotion

With a focus on inclusivity and a commitment to catering to the diverse needs of workplaces, our wellbeing days are tailored to address specific areas of concern […]

Health Surveillance

Health surveillance is an annual workplace assessment that is needed when an employee is exposed to hazards that could affect their health […]

Service Enhancements

Employee and workplace wellbeing

Airside driver medicals

Airside driver medicals are required for all staff driving vehicles within airside to ensure employees are healthy and fit to DVLA Group 1 standard.

Hearing and sight loss accessibility

Workplace assessments can help significantly improve the working experience for people affected by hearing and/or sight loss.

Drug and alcohol testing

In order to protect your business from drugs and alcohol misuse, it’s important for your staff to receive professional drug and alcohol testing.

OH consultation and policy review

As part of our strategic consulting service, we assess various aspects of OH policies and processes to determine areas requiring improvement.

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Ergonomic assessment

An ergonomic assessment is about being proactive in the prevention of injury that can occur in the workplace.

Vaccinations & immunisation

Immunisations and vaccinations are an excellent way to protect your employees’ health and are important in any Health and Wellbeing strategy.

Menopause assessment

Those affected by the menopause can benefit from a range of support options, which is why as assessment can help determine the best course of action.

Ergonomic equipment

We offer a range of ergonomic equipment solutions tailored to your and your employees’ needs and workplace requirements.

Neurodiversity assessments

Getting a neurodiversity assessment can be crucial in ensuring an employee is provided with appropriate support.

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Employee support programmes

An EAP is designed to help employees and their families access health, mental health and professional advice 24/7, 365 days of the year.


We’ve been delivering innovative OH physiotherapy services for about 20 years and are a SEQOHS registered specialist supplier. 

Laughter yoga

Laughter yoga is an excellent activity to reduce stress, improve mood and resilience, and bring your team closer together.

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Eye tests and spectacle vouchers

We are now providing on-demand and recurring, on and off site eye testing services enhanced with our spectacle vouchers offerings.

Workplace counselling

Our in-house counselling is available to individuals who have been recognised as possibly benefitting from counselling services.



Drug and alcohol testing training

To protect your business from drugs and alcohol misuse, it’s important for your staff to receive professional drug and alcohol testing training.

Menopause awareness training

Over 3 million people in the UK are negatively affected by menopause symptoms, yet often there is no support available.

Mindfulness coaching

Mindfulness coaching sessions improve your ability to remain task focused and ensure you are better equipped to cope with stress.

Transgender awareness training

To encourage appropriate support and level of awareness in the workplace, we offer transgender awareness training.

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Health and wellbeing workshops

One of our experts in many areas of wellbeing can run a workshop on site or online to deliver bespoke sessions to engage with your employees.

Mental health first aid training

Fusion’s trainers are accredited to provide MHFA training that has been designed to support employers and managers.

Neurodiversity training

Recognition and management of neurodiversity involves education and the development of a support culture.

Hearing and sight loss awareness training

We are delighted to offer workplace training options to improve accessibility for employees affected by sight and/or hearing loss.

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