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New Starter Assessments

New starter assessments

A New Starter Assessment (NSA) is the most cost-effective way to identify health problems early on so that appropriate adjustments can be put in place to support the employee in their role. About 25-30% of all new starters will have some medical issue(s) relevant to their fitness for work.

New Starter Assessments have 3 key objectives:

  • Ensure compliance with the Equality Act
  • Identify any relevant underlying health conditions of a new employee
  • Recommend appropriate adjustments to support the employee

How does a new starter assessment work?

After you have made an offer of employment or an employee has started their role, we will complete an assessment on your behalf. This is usually done via an online questionnaire and assessed by an OHA. We will then provide you with a professional fitness to work report, advising you of the outcome and recommendations.

Where possible, we will complete these remotely to ensure a prompt and cost-effective service. On site, face to face assessments will only be offered where we feel it is necessary, or at your request.

As well as new starter assessments, Fusion can provide a night worker and clinical worker assessment service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in an NSA?

New Starter Assessments are used to help detect any conditions that may result in a risk of an employee being affected by their new role. Recommendations can be made so that you can assist your new employee in their new role by ensuring their health conditions are supported whilst they are at work.

What can I expect as an outcome of an NSA?

The outcome of a New Starter Assessment will be sent to the employee’s manager or HR team, giving information on any recommendations that the OH advisor suggests for their job role. The initial screening of the employee’s questionnaire may result in a telephone consultation. Our scheduling team will arrange a short appointment to discuss the answers if needed.