Employee Support Programmes

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Employee Assistance Programmes

Employee Assistance Programmes

Employee Support Programmes (EAP)

An Employee support programme (EAP) is designed to help employees and their families access health, mental health and professional advice 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Fusion can deliver an EAP service via its FUSE AI platform that partners with best in class service providers to ensure your employees are given the right support when they need it.

Introducing an employee support programme (EAP) provides your employees with access to a structured, short-term counselling as a cost-effective way to improve mental health and wellbeing in your workplace.

We can all experience problems or events in our work or personal life that can us to suffer from stress or anxiety. Having the right support in place ensures that employees who are struggling can quickly access the help they need to deal with issues at an early stage, before they escalate and start affecting their health and work performance.

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What is the EAP?

Our EAP offers your employees year-round access to free, confidential online, telephone and face-to face support on a range of issues so no matter what your requirements, you can be confident we will have a solution to meet your business needs.

24 Hour advice and information lines provide confidential guidance on medical, legal or domestic issues.

24/7 telephone access to a UK practising GPs.

*The 2014 Global Drug Survey (GDS) was conducted during November/December 2013 with nearly 80,000 respondents worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EAP?

Employee assistance programmes (EAPs) are programmes targeted towards supporting employees in the workplace and beyond. They are offered by many employers via phone, video, or online, and usually include several features, such as assessments, counselling, and referral options.


Employees are able to receive advice and help on such topics as mental health, financial and legal issues, conflicts at work, addiction problems, and work-related stress and burnout. EAPs can boost the morale in your workplace and improve health and wellbeing levels.


While a great resource to have they require time and work during implementation and to keep everything running smoothly – frequent evaluations and analyses are essential to ensure you get the most out of your EAP.

What services are included in an EAP?

Typically, an EAP will include helplines that can support you and your families with mental health issues and an advice service covering a wide range of topics such as relationship advice, finance, and legal. It may also include a counselling service, a cash plan and have a number of other health and wellbeing resources.

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