Manager and employee summer health and safety quizzes

Manager and employee summer health and safety quizzes

Manager and employee summer health and safety quizzes

Are you and your employees prepared for the dangers of summer? Check out our summer health and safety blogs such as Sun Safety in the Workplace and Employee Health and Safety in the Workplace During the Summer and test your knowledge below!

Manager quiz

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Employer summer safety quiz

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Which of the following is a common symptom of heat exhaustion?

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Employees working outdoors should have access to shaded areas and regular breaks to prevent heat stress.

employer summer quiz shade

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How often should employees drink water to stay properly hydrated in hot weather?

employer summer quiz hydration

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What type of clothing is recommended for employees working in hot environments?

employer summer quiz clothing

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Sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 is adequate for protecting employees working outdoors in the UK.

employer summer quiz spf

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What is a heatwave, as defined by the UK Met Office?

employer summer quiz heatwave

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Which of the following actions should be taken if an employee shows signs of heat stroke?

employer summer quiz heat stroke

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Fans alone are sufficient to cool down a workspace in extreme heat.

employer summer quiz ventilation

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What measures can employers take to reduce indoor heat exposure?

employer summer quiz cooling

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What is the recommended action if an employee is experiencing heat cramps?

employer summer quiz cramp

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High humidity levels can increase the risk of heat-related illnesses.

employer summer quiz humidity

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Regularly rotating job assignments can help reduce heat exposure for employees working in hot conditions.

employer summer quiz rotation

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Providing electrolyte-replenishing drinks can be beneficial for employees working in extreme heat conditions.

employer summer quiz electrolytes

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Employee Quiz

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Employee summer safety quiz

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You can't get sunburned on a cloudy day - true or false?

summer health quiz cloudy

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Which of the following items can help protect your eyes from the sun?

summer health quiz eye safety

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How often should sunscreen be reapplied when outdoors?

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Drinking water before you get thirsty is the best way to beat dehydration.

Drinking water quiz thumb

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Which of the following is not best practice for helping someone with heat exhaustion?

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What is the recommended minimum SPF for sunscreen in the UK during summer?

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Sweating helps cool down the body by removing heat through evaporation.

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Which type of clothing is best to prevent heat rash during summer?

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What should you do if you start to feel overheated while exercising outdoors?

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Which of the following is NOT a good hydrating food for summer?

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How can you protect your skin from UV rays?

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Which drink is best to stay hydrated in the summer?

drinks quiz summer

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Children have more sensitive skin and require extra protection from the sun.

children summer health quiz

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What is a common sign of dehydration?

dehydration quiz summer

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You don't need sunscreen if you have dark skin.

sunscreen quiz summer

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Which of the following health conditions can make it more difficult to regulate body temperature?

health conditions quiz summer

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