Workplace eye tests and spectacle vouchers

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Workplace Eye Tests and Spectacle Vouchers

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Workplace eye tests and spectacles vouchers in the workplace

Our eye testing service, enhanced by our spectacle voucher offer, is designed to monitor the eye health of your employees, and prevent workplace injuries, as well as ensure you are compliant with all relevant legislation such as Display Screen Equipment Regulations (1992).

The tests we can perform in your workplace can include standard visual acuity, depth perception, and colour blindness, as well as testing for VDU and DSE use, safety spectacles, and driving.

Whether it is a one-time check or a regular service, all that is needed is a room within your place of work (at least 3m/10ft long) which can be darkened and has several power points, and a small space nearby to display spectacle frames.

Workplace opticians

Workplace testing


Personal testing

Workplace eye tests and dispensing of glasses.


Staff having to attend a high street shop.

20 minutes every 1 or 2 years to do everything needed.


Multiple visits to nearby town for tests, fitting, etc.

Ongoing service, troubleshooting, adjustments, etc.


No follow-ups, over-the-phone help, or anyone to ask.

Parity and equal treatment for all staff.


Random service variations at many shops.

We work with you to ensure compliance and audit trail.


No accountability or reporting package.

Vocational tests/standards on request, e.g., colour blindness, near vision NDT standards.


No knowledge of the needs of a specific industry or agreement to comply with trade guidelines.

Auditable records, invoices, certificates, recall lists.


Patchy/no paper trail or evidence of compliance.

VDU rules explained and correctly interpreted – no possibility of surplus/multiple claims.


Varying shades of advice/interpretation, HR department having to dispute claims.

Bookings can be made by phone or online, or your company can run the diary.


Trying to get an appointment to fit around work or needing to take time off.

Invoicing to any format required using credit account.


Pile of receipts, claim forms, signables, cheques.

Replacements/repairs with one phone call.


Another lunch-long trip into town, anyone?


Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have workplace eye tests done?

Most people under 70 should have an eye test every 2 years, unless you have diabetes, glaucoma (or family history of either) or you have been advised to have a yearly test by an optician. If you feel your eyesight has changed or deteriorated noticeably since you last had a test, it is recommended to get tested.

Can contact lens wearers have a test?

If you wear soft lenses you will need to take them out before the test. Ideally you should not wear them on the day of the test to get an accurate prescription. If you wear gas-permeable lenses, please notify us when you make your appointment.

Will I get a pressure test to check for glaucoma?

Yes, the pressure test is part of the workplace eye tests.

If I have a test at work, do I also need to go to an optician regularly?

Almost everyone can be seen for a full eye test at work. If there is anything underlying or a pre-existing condition which requires further investigation, the optician will advise you.

I have just had an eye test; do I need a different test for safety glasses?

If you have a recent prescription, and do not wish to have an eye test, please ensure you bring a copy in on the appropriate day and the safety glasses can be made to your prescription.

Can I have a copy of my prescription after the test?

Yes, please ask for a copy of your prescription if you require it.

Can I buy normal glasses at the same time?

Yes, On Sight Opticians have a large range of glasses at prices below the High Street. You are very welcome to have a look after your test, or at any time. All lenses and options are available. Please ask us if there is anything that you would like to try.

Where can I learn more about workplace eye tests and relevant services?

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. You can either book a consultation with us using the button at the top of the page, or click here to contact us.