Manager’s Helpline

Managers Helpline

management referrals

Fusion’s services include access to our manager’s helpline which is supported by an account management team that will provide you with regular contact, an escalation point for queries and a comprehensive suite of meaningful management information. The service can support HR and Health and Safety managers in a variety of ways.

We provide all of our Clients with a Managers Helpline which is available to all Managers at set times every day (10 am – 12 noon). The helpline is provided free of charge and is there to enhance your experience when using our services.

This helpline will be available to discuss subjects such as the following:

  • Is a referral appropriate?
  • Wording of referral questions in order to get the best answers possible and avoid asking inappropriately
  • How do I tell the employee I am referring them?
  • How do I complete the referral form?
  • What are the side effects of a medication?
  • What questions do I need to ask?
  • How do I manage an employee that has come to work with an infectious condition?
  • How do I manage an employee that I suspect has an addiction?
  • I have a report and would like to discuss it?
  • I have a report, can you clarify the recommendations?
  • I have employees that may need Health Surveillance?
  • I have employees that are exposed to hazards at work and I’m not sure what to them for?
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