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Management Referrals

What is a Management Referral?

Management referrals are for managers and HR teams who may have concerns about the health and wellbeing of an employee which may affect the workplace or job role carried out This referral is dealt with by an Occupational health specialist who makes and assessment and follows up with recommendations and advice to the Employer on how best to support the individual. 

The purpose of a management referral is to help prevent absences in the workplace, we can offer independent advice and recommendations. It allows employees the opportunity to raise health concerns in a confidential setting and ensure all employees are fit to work. 

A manager must inform an employee that they have made the referral. An employee must attend their appointment (usually via telephone call, but not always) and they will be asked for consent before anything is shared with their manager. 

Why make a referral?

There are different reasons a manager may want to refer an employee these include:

  • Frequent short-term absences for different reasons
  • Frequent absences for related reasons
  • Concerns about health become apparent (i.e. change in performance, attendance, behaviour)
  • Longer term absence

*Please note any referrals must be in-line with your company’s sickness absence management

Making a referral

Making quick referrals within a business is essential this can help avoid absences or can allow employees to return to work quicker. It also ensures the employees are receiving the correct care and can safely complete their work.

Our online management referral system, eOPAS allows managers to quickly refer an employee to an occupational health specialist who will assess them and provide a manager with an assessment and recommendations (if needed). If you need to make a referral get in touch.

All management reports follow a simple methodology, our Advisors provide their clinical opinion containing clear, actionable advice 

Ill health retirement assessments

If an employee’s health has deteriorated and they are unable to perform their job role the individual may be able to apply for early retirement based on ill health. Fusion occupational health have supported various clients across the UK in delivering ill health retirement assessments.