Hearing and Sight Loss Assessments and Training

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Hearing and Sight Loss Assessments and Training

specialist hearing and sight loss assessments and training

Fusion is delighted to be able to offer hearing and sight loss assessment and training in the workplace options to improve accessibility for employees who are or maybe deaf, people suffering hearing loss, tinnitus, and/ or visual impairment.

We work with our expert partner, Visualise Training and Consultancy to deliver these services across the UK. Hearing loss should not mean job loss, visual impairment does not need to mean the end of career development or premature retirement.

Accessibility for deaf employees, those suffering from hearing loss and tinnitus

Around 1 in 5 adults in the UK are living with hearing loss greater than 25 dBHL, with makes up about 12 million people, 10% of which have hearing loss greater than 65 dBHL.

The assessments we provide help identify challenges your employees might face and their needs. These might include commuting and workplace obstacles, assistive technology and resources, reasonable adjustments, and other relevant support. Reasonable adjustments should be discussed with the employee(s) as they can vary from person to person. Usually, these can include:

  • Workstation and meeting adjustments, so lip-reading is possible
  • Relocation to a space with better acoustics
  • Time off work for audiology appointments
  • Revising equipment in the workplace such as flashing-light fire alarms
  • Providing sign-language training for the employee and their colleagues to improve communication
hearing loss accessibility
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Accessibility assessments for employees with visual impairments

In the UK, over 2 million people have sight loss, and every day 250 start to lose their sight. Our assessments identify challenges in the workplace and during commute, and opportunities for support as well as reasonable adjustments. These can include:

  • Adjusting the positions of the doorbell and the reception, and providing Visual Awareness training courses
  • Lining any stair edges with coloured or textured material
  • Adding handrails where needed
  • Decluttering the workplace
  • Using tactile stickers and signs along with printed versions

To learn more about our new service and what you can do to support employees with vision and/or hearing loss, reach out to us now!


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