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Comprehensive Occupational Health Surveillance for Construction

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Protecting Your Workforce: Occupational Health Assessments in Construction

In the construction industry, ensuring the health and safety of your workforce is paramount. Occupational Health Surveillance for construction is not just a legal requirement but also a vital component in maintaining a productive and motivated team. At Fusion Occupational Health, we understand the unique challenges faced by the construction industry. Our comprehensive Occupational Health Surveillance services are designed to keep your workforce safe, healthy, and compliant with the latest regulations.

What is Occupational Health Surveillance for Construction?

Occupational Health Surveillance for construction involves the systematic monitoring of workers’ health to detect and prevent work-related illnesses and injuries. It includes regular health assessments, tests, and procedures that identify early signs of occupational health issues. By implementing these surveillance measures, construction companies can ensure their employees remain healthy and fit for work, ultimately enhancing productivity and safety on-site.

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Our Health Surveillance Services

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Audiometry (Hearing) Assessment
Construction sites are noisy places. Our audiometry assessments help protect your employees from hearing loss, ensuring they can listen out for both instructions and alarms.
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HAVS Assessment
Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is a real concern for construction workers using vibrating tools. Our HAVS assessments help prevent this debilitating condition, keeping hands steady and skills sharp.
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Spirometry Assessment
Lung function is vital for stamina and health. Our spirometry assessments monitor respiratory health, helping your team breathe easier as they build the future.
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Musculoskeletal Assessments
Construction work is physically demanding and can lead to musculoskeletal issues. Our assessments identify any early signs of musculoskeletal problems, helping to prevent long-term injuries and maintain a fit workforce.
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Skin Assessment
Protecting skin from harsh conditions and hazardous materials is part of our service. We’ll help you prevent skin disorders, keeping your team’s hands as tough as the materials they work with.
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Drug and Alcohol Testing
Safety on site is non-negotiable. Our rigorous drug and alcohol testing ensures that everyone on your site is fit for duty, every single day.
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Safety Critical Medical
For roles that are deemed safety-critical, such as working at heights or operating heavy machinery, our Safety Critical Medicals ensure that your employees are physically and mentally fit to perform their tasks safely, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing overall site safety.
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Vision Screening
Clear vision is crucial for construction workers to perform their tasks safely and effectively. Our vision screening services detect any vision problems early, ensuring your team has the visual acuity necessary for their work.
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The Benefits of Occupational Health Surveillance

  • Detect Health Issues Early: Early identification of health problems can lead to better outcomes for workers and reduce long-term absence.
  • Prevent Occupational Diseases: By monitoring the health of workers, potential occupational diseases can be prevented before they develop.
  • Enhance Safety: Healthy workers are more alert and aware, reducing the likelihood of accidents on site.
  • Improve Productivity: A healthy workforce is a more productive one, as workers are able to perform at their best.
  • Ensure Compliance: Staying on top of health surveillance helps construction companies comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Elevating Construction Health: Cutting-Edge Tech in Construction Health and Safety Management

At Fusion Occupational Health, we’re transforming health management in the construction industry. Our Fuse App offers easy navigation and real-time health tracking, bridging the gap between workers and health professionals. Additionally, our Automated Care Pathways turn complex health data into actionable insights, ensuring every step of the health process is managed efficiently. With these technologies, we’re raising the standard of care, giving every construction worker access to top-tier health surveillance and support.

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Why Choose Fusion OH?

Fast, Reliable, And Digital Wellbeing Solutions

We have a diverse, nationwide team of experts in the UK who are trained to understand, evaluate, and deliver a first-class occupational health and wellbeing service. 

Our service is underpinned by our speeddelivering a fast and reliable service that provides a return on investment. We pride ourselves on maintaining high levels of quality every time. Our fully managed end-to-end service that allows you to focus on your business. We have a digital first approach that drives better wellbeing 24/7, 365. Driving high levels of engagement equals a successful business. Finally, we believe in delivering actionable analytics that provide strategical insight.


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