The Fusion Occupational Health 2018 Review

The Fusion Occupational Health 2018 Review

The Fusion Occupational Health 2018 Review

We’ve reached the time of year when it’s time to reflect on 2018 and everything we’ve achieved.

So here’s a look back at a busy year of delivering our occupational health services to businesses across the UK and a selection of the blogs that we’ve written and shared across the months.

Occupational Health Trends

Back in January, we were experiencing the Beast from the East, but we also looked at some of the trends when it comes to occupational health and wellbeing.

Find out more about trends like the wellbeing agenda, empowerment in the workplace, and a cultural shift in employee wellbeing programmes.

In the New Year, we’ll take a look at some of the trends that we expect to see in 2019.

Staying safe and flu-free

At the beginning of the year, the UK was in the grip of Australian Flu, so we shared some facts about the new strain that was circulating.

It was especially topical given that this is the time of year when the elderly and infirm are particularly vulnerable, so we shared some thoughts on how elderly relatives could stay safe at home.

Workplace wellbeing advice

In a series of blogs, we took a look at some specific topics that could offer help and support for businesses.

After the Health and Safety Executive announced changes to HSE Food Manufacturing Inspections, we looked at the implications this would have on businesses in the food manufacturing sector.

We also answered the question, what is health surveillance and is it required in your workplace? You can find out why it’s important and what the process involves.

In an ongoing series of blogs, we look at how organisations can manage and support employees with specific needs and conditions. In April, we looked at managing autism in the workplace and what businesses can do for employees who have been diagnosed.

Healthy Eating

In two blogs, we tackled the ever-present need to eat healthily, both at home and in the workplace.

With many people constantly on the go, we shared some tips on how to eat healthily when travelling for business.

Back when the sun was shining, we also looked at how people can eat healthily in the summertime. Speaking of the summer…

Fun in the sun

Try to cast your mind back to when we were experiencing an especially hot summer.

We shared two blogs about the importance of sun care; one for sun-worshipping adults who want to stay safe in the sun and another for families with some sun safety tips for kids.

Sickness, Absence and Inactivity

Sorry, this is a bit depressing!

In September, we shared the discouraging news that the UK was one of the least active countries in the world.

We also looked at the negative impact that sleep deprivation is having on people.

And then we looked at the rising trend of presenteeism in the workplace and the effects of people turning up for work when they are unwell.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Our guide to the benefits of walking looked at a few simple ways in which you could offset all of this inactivity.

It was a busy year for the team at Fusion, and we’re hoping for just as much success in 2019. We look forward to helping our existing clients and welcoming many more.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you and your employees, give us a call.