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Testing for COVID-19

Our antigen and anti-body tests for COVID-19 can be used on their own or as part of our on-site COVID-19 temperature checks to help to keep your staff safe.

These tests can identify if someone currently has COVID-19 or previously had it and has built up immunity to the disease.

We can offer training on how to use these tests or provide support from one of our team to give on-site tests.

Where our COVID-19 Anti-body Tests come from

Our COVID-19 anti-body test devices come from the largest manufacturer of diagnostic testing in China.

They are CE marked and have been approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for professional use. 

How our COVID-19 Anti-body Testing works

The tests detect specific antibodies in the blood sample that is taken.

They are 98.2% accurate and, because they are point-of-care tests, won’t need to be sent to a laboratory for confirmation.

COVID-19 antibody testing procedure

  • The test device and buffer must be allowed to reach room temperature prior to use
  • The test device will be placed on a clean and level surface
  • Individual details will be taken and recorded along with the lot number and expiry date of devices
  • A lancet will be used to prick the finger
  • A blood sample will be taken using a pipette and the sample will be transferred into the well of the test device
  • Buffer drops will be added to the well as per test-device leaflet and the timer will be started
  • The results are read at 15mins and evidence of red coloured bands indicate a positive result

Possible outcomes of COVID-19 antibody testing

Depending on the antibodies that have been detected, there could be a number of possible outcomes.

The test can show if someone:

  • has recently been exposed
  • has later-stage exposure and may have some immunity
  • has had no recent exposure and no antibodies present

The cost to provide this service is £375 per day, plus £30 per kit. With a maximum of 21 kits per day.

Contact us today find out how our COVID-19 antibody testing and other occupational health coronavirus services can help to keep your staff safe.