Show your employees some love this Valentine’s Day

Show your employees some love this Valentine’s Day

Show your employees some love this Valentine’s Day

Show your employees some love this Valentine’s Day. The new generation of employees and the rise in the cost of living means employees are looking for employers who provide more than just a competitive salary. After experiencing a pandemic and the economic impact, employees now greatly appreciate other benefits offered by employers. Research has shown that 73% of employees will stay with a company if they are offered a wide selection of benefits. So, investing in a good health and wellbeing package this Valentine’s Day will help you retain your employees and keep them healthy and happy for years to come.  What health and wellbeing packages can benefit you and your employees in 2023? 

Health plans 

Investing in a good health plan for your employees is a great way to attract new talent. The pandemic affected employees and their families in different ways. A lot of people are now struggling with their physical and mental health. A flexible health plan which can suit most situations will add value to your health and wellbeing package and allow employees to find a plan that can benefit them.  

Once you have chosen the correct plan that works for you and your employees, it’s vital to educate them about the options available to them. Since employees tend to review their benefit packages quickly, provide an overview of the plans offered. Outline additional details in the benefits descriptions. If any of the benefits offered have changed, explain why and show what the new coverage options look like. Ensure this is implemented for both current employees and future employees, so they can get the best value for money and help needed. 

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Mental health 

According to Westfield health, 3.2 days per year, per employee are lost due to mental health issues. Including mental health resources within your health and wellbeing package can benefit a company as well as its employees.  

Offering mental health first aid training to employees can add value to your offering, but also help to identify any employees who are struggling or need some extra help. Identifying issues before they become serious can allow you or your employee to get help quicker. To help employees, your health and wellbeing package could include an option for counselling or an employee assistance program (EAP)/health and wellbeing app. These services can be accessed by every employee 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Other ways in which a company can support employee mental health are: offering flexible start and finish times and incentives to encourage a healthy lifestyle, such as gym memberships and/or cycle to work schemes. 

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Wellbeing workshops 

Running online or on-site wellbeing workshops can benefit employee health and wellbeing and improve on absences. Wellbeing workshops can vary and be tailored to suit your organisation. These can include: 

  • Stress container workshops 
  • How to help managers get the most out of your occupational health service 
  • Mini health-checks – including BMI, fat content, glucose, cholesterol 
  • Masseurs – providing at the desk back and shoulder massages. 
  • Nutrition – talks on eating for energy, reading food labels, weight loss, healthy eating, etc. 
  • Mindfulness sessions  
  • The menopause 
  • Mental Health First Aid England training 
  • Mental health awareness sessions 
  • Work/life balance 
  • Burnout 
  • Active working sessions 
  • Wellbeing Champions/Mental Health First Aiders – debriefing/offloading sessions 
  • Ergonomics – workstation setup  

Show your employees some love this Valentine’s Day by reviewing your health and wellbeing strategy and offering your employees benefits that will really benefit them. 

For further details about any of the offerings in this article, please contact us. 

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