Neurological Support & Rehab


Neurological Support & Rehab

Recognition and management of neurodiverse conditions in the workplace involves the education and development of a workplace culture that supports employees with neurodiverse conditions and this area is a natural extension to a modern, occupational health service.

Fusion can provide services to support employees with neurodiverse conditions that can make a positive difference to workplace culture and the deliver psychological support designed to empower individuals, teams and organisations alike. Our partner psychologist can support individuals with neuro-differences such as dyslexia, dyspraxia (DCD), dyscalculia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum conditions (ASC), cognitive functioning difficulties and mental health challenges.

We can undertake a range of recognised diagnostic tests to determine if an individual has or is displaying a neurodivergent condition. Services can be delivered both in person and virtually producing a full and detailed report with the diagnostic outcome along with recommendations and next steps.

Workplace assessments can identify any adjustments that would help to improve an individuals working life. Recommendations could include supporting an individual by providing coaching, training, equipment and/or the provision of assistive technology.

One-to-one coaching and training can be provided to managers so that they can fully understand an individuals unique strengths and challenges. Using co-coaching where both the manager and individual are trained at the same time improves understanding, communication and collaboration. Wider training can be delivered via e-learning modules.

The team at Fusion Occupational Health can carry out a Neurological Support & rehab in the workplace for you, just speak to our friendly team for more information.