Drug & Alcohol Testing

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Drug & Alcohol Testing

In order to protect your business from drugs and alcohol misuse, it’s important for your staff to receive professional drug and alcohol testing.

Protecting your business from drugs and alcohol misuse is a critical part of keeping employee’s safe, reducing accidents and protecting your business brand. Fusion can offer a wide range of services to support you in this area from consultancy to providing the collection service:

• Expert Policy Review
• Routine Screening
• Random Screening
• For Cause Testing

In today’s society, one in ten people would fail a random drug test*

Drug and Alcohol Testing

By offering your employees Drug and Alcohol Testing, you can inform them about:

  • Your company’s policy on drug and alcohol misuse
  • Understanding fully informed consent
  • Why and when they may be tested
  • What will happen if they produce a positive sample
  • What happens when the laboratory confirms a result

24-34-year-olds are most likely to test positive for drugs or alcohol misuse

Over 20% of respondents admitted turning up to work, coming down from drugs*

*The 2014 Global Drug Survey (GDS) was conducted during November/December 2013 with nearly 80,000 respondents worldwide.

Drug & Alcohol Testing Training

Did you know we also offer staff training for drug and alcohol testing. We can train your test to administer tests so you can do it in-house. For more information visit our drug and alcohol testing training page.