On Your Feet Britain 2018

On Your Feet Britain 2018

We help businesses improve the health and well-being of their staff by keeping them active in the workplace and On Your Feet Britain Day is just one way to do that.

Last year, we highlighted the multinational On Your Feet Day campaign and encouraged people across the UK to #SitLess and #MoveMore.

This year, it returns on Friday, April 27th.

So the team at Fusion Occupational Health are once again asking people to wiggle it, waggle it, move it, and groove it, but most of all just don’t sit on it.

Accept the challenge and take a stand

In its fourth year, On Your Feet Britain Day is encouraging workplaces to join the 2 million workers across Britain who will be sitting less and moving more.

With British people sitting, on average, 8.9 hours each day, awareness of the so-called “sitting disease” that affects the health of employees across the world has increased in recent years.

It’s time to do your thing to combat it. And it wouldn’t be easier.

Here are a few simple steps that you could take:

  • Stand during phone calls
  • Stand and take a break from your computer every 30 minutes
  • Use the stairs
  • Have standing or walking meetings
  • Eat your lunch away from your desk
  • Walk to your colleague’s desk instead of phoning or emailing them
  • Stand at the back of the room during presentations

To help you out, the Fusion team have put together a series of workplace stretches that will help to increase flexibility and decrease muscle stiffness.

The Fusion Workplace Stretches

As part of On Your Feet Britain Day, Fusion recommends a few simple desk stretches to help increase flexibility.

Back stretch

Straighten your back, put your hands behind your head, take a deep breath in and push your elbows back to increase the stretch. Hold for a few seconds.

Back chair stretch

Straighten your back, take your arms behind the chair backrest, reach your hand with the other hand and hold for a few seconds.

Reverse plank

Hold on to the desk, take a deep breath in and push your body up. Hold for 10 seconds. This is great for the lower back.

Calf raises

Stand straight and go on your toes. Repeat.

Triceps stretch

Raise your right arm and bend it, push your right arm with your left hand and hold for 10 seconds. Do the same for the other arm.

Shoulder stretch

Stand with your right arm at shoulder level, lift your arm up crossing the right one, bend your left arm, pushing the right arm toward your chest and hold for a few seconds. Repeat the same for the other arm.

Side turn

Stand straight with your feet a shoulder-width apart, raise one arm up, take a deep breath in and bend to the opposite side. Use your abs to hold yourself in this position for 10 seconds. Repeat for the other side.

If that’s got you in the mood for a further warm up, here are some additional stretches:

The Fusion Workplace Stretches, Part 2

Neck stretches can help to reduce muscle stiffness in the workplace

Neck stretches

Deep breath. Gentle to right. Gentle to left. Chin tuck. Look up and turn.

Shoulder roll

Back and forward.

Chest stretch

Stand in an upright position and reach back with your arms extended and clasp your hands together. Raise your hands towards the ceiling, keeping your arms straight until you feel a stretch in your chest.

Hamstring stretch

Stand tall with your left foot a few inches in front of your right foot and your left toes lifted. Bend your right knee slightly and pull your abdominals gently inward. Lean forward from your hips, and rest both palms on top of your right thigh for balance and support.

If On Your Feet Britain Day 2018 is making you feel active and energised, give us a call to find out how we can help to improve the health and well-being of your staff and manage employee sickness absence.