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Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

Organisations need to be aware of the issues relating to drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace.  

Protecting your business from drugs and alcohol misuse is a critical part of keeping your employee’s safe, reducing accidents and protecting your business.

The Effects of Drug and Alcohol Misuse in the Workplace

The use of illegal or illicit drugs amongst a workforce can have serious effects on an organisation and its employees.

In today’s society, one in ten people would fail a random drug test*

Production and morale can be disrupted and in more serious cases, it can cause accidents leading to injury and potentially death.

24-34-year-olds are most likely to test positive for drugs or alcohol misuse**

Recent corporate manslaughter legislation places much greater emphasis on management’s duty of care to employees. A thorough workplace drugs and alcohol policy that incorporates a robust testing programme can help to demonstrate this.

Over 20% of respondents admitted turning up to work coming down from drugs*

*The 2014 Global Drug Survey (GDS) was conducted during November/December 2013 with nearly 80,000 respondents worldwide.

The Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Testing

Including a drug and alcohol testing programme within your workplace will help to enforce the principles of your substance misuse policy and to monitor employee compliance with policy rules.

Testing brings many benefits including:

  • An effective deterrent against misuse
  • A definite answer in the form of a test result following suspicion of misuse
  • Ongoing monitoring of employees to ensure that they are meeting company policies
  • Saving on recruitment and training costs of staff terminated due to untreated drug misuse
  • Reducing the cost of absenteeism 
  • Increasing productivity
  • Offering more support to employees
  • Reducing the risk of accidents caused by impaired judgement
  • Enhancing the public perception of your organisation as a responsible employer
  • Contributing to society’s efforts to combat drug and alcohol misuse

How We Can Help

We can provide a range of testing services to help you deal with drug and alcohol misuse in your workplace. These include:

  • Expert Policy Review
  • Routine Screening
  • Random Screening
  • For Cause Testing

Drug and alcohol policy review

We can review your current policy or write one from scratch. Either way, we’ll ensure that it’s in line with other policies and matches your organisational needs.

Our testing procedure

Our fully-trained collection technicians can offer urine, saliva or hair testing to detect drug use and breath tests for alcohol use. This can include pre-employment screening, instant testing or random tests. We can carry out drug and alcohol testing at our offices in Caerphilly.

Tests can be carried out on-site and samples returned to a UKAS approved laboratory for confirmation if necessary.

Employers must have employee consent if they want to test for drugs or alcohol. 

Pre-Scheduled Testing

This is suitable for either routine or random drug and alcohol testing in the workplace. Although random testing will be “unannounced” to the site staff as we are able to plan the dates ahead with one of our Occupational Health Technicians.

For Cause Testing

Typically, this is used when there has been an accident or incident leading to suspicion that drugs or alcohol may have been a factor in the event. Due to the short notice nature of this, we usually use a third party that provides an on-call service.

A four-step process to drug and alcohol testing in the workplace

Our screening services provide simple straightforward solutions to assist organisations with Health and Safety compliance and managing drug and alcohol-related issues. 

Our simple four-step process can take your business from not having a policy to testing and receiving tangible benefits from your programme in next to no time.

We can help you to:

1. Create your drug and alcohol policy

2. Educate and train your employees

3. Test your employees

4. Report and manage your test results

To find out more about this service, or any of our occupational health services, contact us today. 



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