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Work Health Assessments

A work health assessment (WHA) helps to identify health problems in the early stages of a new starter’s employment. This means that appropriate adjustments can be put in place to support them in the workplace. It also ensures that they can be protected from any risks that their health problems might pose in the context of their new employment.

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Our Work Health Assessment Process

Typically, a work health assessment is issued to the individual after the offer of employment. The applicant will complete the WHA online.

We carefully consider any underlying medical conditions that an employee has and review how that may impact on the role they will be undertaking, or increase the likelihood of absence. Where issues are identified, our experienced team will make recommendations to help the employee carry out their role safely and efficiently.

About 5-10% of all new joiners will have the same medical issue(s) relevant to their fitness for work.

We’ll arrange a workplace health assessment medical for any new employees who are identified as working at risk. This includes completing a questionnaire and tests dependent on the risks they might be exposed to.

Legislative Protection

A WHA also ensures that you are protected in terms of legislation. If an employer knows or is likely to be aware of an employee's disability, they need to make appropriate adjustments to their role and working environment.

The most common type of complaint lodged under discrimination legislation involves a failure to make reasonable adjustments. A WHA is the most cost effective way for you to identify cases where adjustments might be needed and ensure that they are made.

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