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Manager's Helpline

We provide all of our Clients with a Managers Helpline which is available to all Managers at set times every day (10 am – 12 noon). The helpline is provided free of charge and is there to enhance your experience when using our services.

This helpline will be available to discuss subjects such as the following:

  • Is a referral appropriate?
  • Wording of referral questions in order to get the best answers possible and avoid asking inappropriately
  • How do I tell the employee I am referring them?
  • How do I complete the referral form?
  • What are the side effects of a medication?
  • What questions do I need to ask?
  • How do a manage an employee that has come to work with an infectious condition?
  • How do I manage an employee that I suspect has an addiction?
  • I have a report and I would like to discuss it?
  • I have a report, can you clarify the recommendations?
  • I have employees that may need Health Surveillance?
  • I have employees that are exposed to hazards at work and I’m not sure what to them for?

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