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What is Day One Absence Management?

Our Day One Absence Management service offers businesses a consistent approach to managing sickness absence.

At Fusion, we realise the importance of managing sickness absence effectively. That’s why our Day One Absence Management service integrates telephone, online and consultative support to track, manage and reduce sickness absence.

We have been using Day One Absence Management to track sickness absence. In the first six months, reported sickness days were reduced by 28%.

Our six-stage approach to absence management

The Fusion Day One Absence Management service is delivered through our unique six-stage approach. This will:

  • Develop absence management policies
  • Create the management process flows
  • Configure and design the system
  • Structure the call centre support
  • Provide real time management information and trend analysis
  • Support further strategic implementation, focusing on future wellbeing and absence management strategies
The average cost of sickness per employee in the UK is £600 per annum.

How does Day One Absence Management work?

As the name suggests, we can manage the whole absence management process from day one.

On the first day of sickness absence, an employee can call our dedicated call centre. The date, time and reason for absence will be logged. The relevant individual will then be notified, such as the employee’s line manager or the business’ HR representative.

Sickness absence advice will be provided to the employee and a return-to-work date will be agreed.

In some cases, employees may need to be referred to occupational health or begin an attendance improvement plan.

A return to work interview will then be conducted.

Throughout, managers will receive reminders for each stage of the process.

Approximately 15% of sickness absences are not genuine.

Better reporting on absence management

The Fusion Day One Absence Management service allows line managers, HR teams and senior managers to access analytics and management information relating to sickness absence.

Absence management reports can include:

  • Sickness absence numbers
  • Reasons for absence
  • Information specific to departments
  • When return to work interviews were carried out
  • What return to work interviews are still outstanding
False sickness absence costs businesses up to £2.5b each year.

The benefits of a Day One Absence Management Service

At an organisational level, a Day One Absence Management service can reduce absence levels and save money.

It also provides a detailed understanding of sickness absences across the business. From a line manager’s perspective, it allows you to gain a better understanding of absence levels in your department. Using real-time data, you can control resources more effectively.

When it comes to employees, they can get access to occupational health support from experienced advisors.

Ultimately, our Day One Absence Management service offers everyone a consistent and professional approach to managing sickness absence.