Mental Health First Aid Training

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Mental Health First Aid Training

mental health first aid training

Mental Health First Aid Training (MHFA) is an internationally recognised training course which teaches people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provides help on a first aid basis. Our training won’t teach you to be a therapist, but just like physical first aid, it will teach you to listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis.

Fusion’s trainers are accredited by MHFA England to provide Mental Health First Aid Training that has been designed to support its employers, employees and managers in recognising the signs of mental health issues in the workplace. Proactive management of an employee’s mental and physical health can help to reduce sickness absence, improve staff engagement and increase productivity. All courses can be undertaken either face to face or online. We are aware of the challenges business are currently facing, and so we are proud to be able to offer the flexibility of delivering these courses to accommodate your business needs.

Why train my employees in Mental Health First Aid?

  • Three years of certification
  • Ongoing support and benefits even after completing the course available 24/7
  • Allow people talk about mental health and seek help if needed
  • Employees can recognise the signs of mental health issues
  • Guide a person towards the right support
  • They become a part of the MHFA England community
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What Courses can I do?

Mental Health First Aid england
Our services

Two day – Mental Health First Aiders

A practical skills and awareness course designed to give you a deeper understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect people’s wellbeing, including your own. It will show you/ your employees the practical skills to be able to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues. The course is designed to give people confidence to step in and reassure/ support as person who is in distress. In addition, the course will enhance interpersonal skill and give you the knowledge to help someone recover their health by guiding them to the appropriate support available to them.

One Day – MHFA Champions

This one day course will teach you and your employees to recognise the main signs and symptoms of common mental health issues. Allow an employees to provide initial support to someone in need and guide them towards appropriate professional help. In addition, this course will teach you to be mindful of your own wellbeing and develop and understanding of how you can create and maintain a healthier workforce or community.

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learning 8 tips to make mental health a priority in the workplace

Half day – Mental Health Aware

This is an introductory course which is designed to increase mental health awareness within your business and give employees an understanding of how to look after wellbeing and challenge stigma. Once the course is complete the course you will get a certificate of attendance and a manual to keep and refer to whenever needed.

This two-day course was invaluable in supporting you to not only identify poor mental health, but how to effectively listen and communicate with individuals in signposting and encouraging them to seek appropriate help.  With the trainer’s personal experience, they led the course with both sensitivity and humour, and reminded us that our own wellbeing is important too; with resilience and boundaries being vital tools in our lives. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this mental health first aid course to others.

Amber Ryder, HR Manager, National Animal Welfare Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does MHFA certification last?

It is recommended the course is repeated every 3 years so that MHFAiders and MHFA Champions can refresh the knowledge and skills. A special MHFA Refresher course is available for those looking to do so.

What is the maximum number of employees that can sign up for one course?

16 per course. We can run unlimited courses, either online or on-site.

Will the course take a full working day?

There are other options for a half day or a single day training. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.