Is your health and wellbeing strategy fit for purpose in 2023?

Is your health and wellbeing strategy fit for purpose in 2023?

Is your health and wellbeing strategy fit for purpose in 2023?

Is your health and wellbeing strategy fit for purpose in 2023? Research from Oracle (2020) shows that 62% of workforces reported they would prefer to speak to a robot than their manager about mental health. With that in mind, does your health and wellbeing strategy accommodate for employees who do not feel like they can approach their employer about their mental health worries?  

Having a health and wellbeing strategy in place in your workplace is nothing new and has really come into its own since the pandemic. People are now seeking out companies who have such a strategy in place and are looking after their health and wellbeing. How can you make your health and wellbeing strategy more modern and bring it into 2023 with a bang? 

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Introduce technology to engage with your employee’s health and wellbeing and consolidate all your employee healthcare initiatives, such as EAP, cash plans, and discounts schemes. A health and wellbeing app such as Fuse AI can make your health and wellbeing initiatives accessible to your employees via their mobile, tablet, or desktop, allowing them to access information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and enabling them to confidentially investigate concerns they may have. 

From a business point of view, having a technology solution can allow you to have access to engagement analytics and provide a ROI on any technology solution you may engage with. In addition to integrating your other EAP’s, health and wellbeing apps can also have live chatbots to support employees and point them in the right direction. They also provide the space to include corporate challenges such as ‘how many steps can you do in February’ and have helpful articles and videos to support employees outside of work hours when they need it most. 


Have you considered employee engagement in your health and wellbeing strategy? Companies such as yourselves have a robust health and wellbeing plan in place, but does that include an engagement strategy to match? Once you have implemented the health and wellbeing initiatives and launched them within your business, it is important to have an ongoing communications/engagement strategy to encourage employees to make use of any and all such initiatives. In addition, the introduction and communication of any initiatives should be included within your strategy for new starters. 

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Support at home 

In 2022 30% of the UK workforce worked from home at least one day a week with 57% of the UK population wanting an option to be able to alternate or combine working from home and from the office (hybrid). With that in mind, health and wellbeing strategies need to be adapted to support workers at home as well as in the office. As mentioned above, the use of technology can be instrumental in creating an inclusive health and wellbeing strategy that can help remote workers as well as those on site. In addition, including remote workers in new initiative launches or introductions by creating online meetings and getting them the correct resources will help make them feel included and valued. 

Data, data, and more data 

Finally, gaining valuable data and insights from any initiatives you have in place can help you report on ROI as well as learn which resources are being utilised and which may need replacing. All current health and wellbeing resource providers should be able to provide you with valuable data insights to help you learn and develop. This data can then be used to shape your health and wellbeing strategy in the future. 

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