How to beat stress in the workplace

How to beat stress in the workplace

How to beat stress in the workplace

How to beat stress in the workplace. Some things are inherently stressful. It may seem a long way off now, but we’ve already looked at the stresses involved at Christmastime. But there is a place where the majority of us will have undoubtedly felt stressed at some point: work.

Workplace wellbeing

There are many aspects to workplace health and wellbeing. While staying active in work is imperative, the mental health of staff is just as important.

Work can be stressful at times. When meetings haven’t gone your way or things don’t get done, it can make your blood boil.

Indeed, those who are stressed out at work are often less healthy physically. Think of things like stress eating; more often than not these involve unhealthy foods, likely causing you to have higher than normal cholesterol levels.

stress in the workplace

On the other hand, constantly worrying about what your boss thinks, can cause physical complaints like headaches and breathing problems due to anxiety.

It’s important then to deal with stress in the workplace as soon as you notice it. Luckily, we’ve put together a few top tips for the stressed-out worker, showing how you can do just that. 

Take time for yourself

One really good way of dealing with stress in the workplace is making sure you have adequate amounts of time away from your day job.

If you are in work all hours or thinking about it constantly, any stress that occurs is likely to build up until you’re ready to explode.

To avoid this, find activities that release your ‘stress-vent’ and make sure you do them regularly. These will be different for every person, but try things out until you find one that works for you.

curling up with a good book

Maybe it’s curling up with a good novel or going for a run. It might be seeing friends or watching the latest box set with your partner. Whatever it is, make sure you allow time for it regularly.

And remember to switch off your emails when you do!

Deal with issues when they come up

Sometimes issues at work become stressful because they play on your mind and manifest in different ways over a number of different occasions.

When you are seeing your colleagues all the time it’s easy for small things to become big, and in no time at all, you are fuming.

If something bad occurs, try to deal with it when it happens rather than letting things accumulate. Do so in a kind and friendly manner, and most people will be able to respond appropriately. Working with other people is tough, but with practice, it gets a little bit easier.

talking about stress in the workplace

Practice mindfulness

One great stress-buster for those made anxious by their job is mindfulness.

All the rage over the last few years, for anyone who hasn’t heard about this, yet it’s a meditation-like practice that allows you to calm your mind and focus solely on the present.

Many experts believe that doing some mindfulness training regularly can help us deal with stress in the workplace, and in our daily lives. Have a look online for useful guides and try it for yourself.

Business owners should also consider the recent trend in America towards offering Mental Health Days to staff.

De-stress, relax, unwind

stress free workplace

There are plenty of ways to reduce stress in the workplace. The way that you do it will differ from person to person. It’s just important to make sure you do.

No one wants to feel frustrated or anxious when they are sitting at their desk. Not only can this make you not want to go to work any more, impacting on employee absence levels, but it can also take a significant toll on your health.

So, swap the unhealthy stress-related habits that can cause abnormal cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, like overeating and smoking. Instead, when you start to feel anxious at work, try one of our stress-reducing tips.

Referral to occupational health is a great step towards getting much-needed support when dealing with the causes of stress.

At Fusion, we can offer a range of health & wellbeing days to organisations that can help them tackle mental health issues in the workplace. If you’d like to know more, contact us today.