Fusion Care Occupational Health Package

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Fusion Care Occupational Health Package for your Business

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1.8 mil

working people suffer from work-related illnesses per year.

20.7 bil

estimated yearly cost of ill health from current working conditions.

35.2 mil

working days lost per year due to work-related illness and injury.

The true impact is productivity in your business.

Our solution

Fusion Care is an occupational health package built to enable you to care for the health and wellbeing of your employees. It will enable them to manage their own health and wellbeing, as well as keeping them engaged and productive.
This package enables you to have access to our nationwide team of experts who deliver a fast and reliable service, ensuring you meet your employees’ legal health requirements.

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Our package includes access to all these services for your employees:

Quarterly reviews
Learn more about the wellbeing of your workforce and any recommended changes.
Management reports & analytics
Analytics and reports showing your employees' progress and their journey, allowing you to make strategic decisions on the running of your business.
Desktop analysis
Desktop needs analysis of your workforce and any occupational health requirements.
HR/Manager's helpline
A dedicated phone number for managers to call to gain advice and guidance on all things occupational health.
Ability to add up to 2 delegates per year to one of our Mental Health First Aid courses.
Account management
Our account management team will be available to help you and your employees gain the best possible outcomes for their health and wellbeing.



    • Promoting employee health and safety
    • Compliance with regulations
    • Cost savings
    • Improved productivity
    • Legal protection
    • Enhanced employee morale and retention
    • Increase in the use of benefits


    • Convenience
    • Early detection and prevention
    • Timely treatment of work-related injuries/illnesses
    • Confidentiality and privacy
    • Support for health-related accommodations
    • Peace of mind


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