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Fuse is a Health & Wellbeing Application designed to revolutionise how organisations provide support to their employees.


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Value Accelerators

  • Improved employee health allowing your people to flourish and reach their full potential
  • Increased employee productivity & engagement to drive the success of your organisation
  • Reduced sickness absence costs
  • Drive more value from your H&W investment than ever before
  • Deliver a H&W strategy that is available to all your employees 24/7 365 no matter how fragmented your workforce may be
  • Put your employees in the driving seat of their own health
  • Increased talent retention and attraction
  • Drive a culture of living happier and healthier throughout your organisation, healthy workers equal a healthy business



Fuse Key Use Cases

  • Health Library: Enable your employees to browse and educate themselves on multiple health & wellbeing topics
  • Self Assessment Tools: Employees can complete lifestyle questionnaires and Fuse will provide results and feedback on how to improve their personal wellbeing
  • Personal Goal Management: Employees can create their own health & wellbeing goals and track and manage these online
  • Connect with an Expert: Your employees can access content from health & wellbeing experts and ask questions in complete confidence
  • Health & Wellbeing Content: Your employees can access Interactive Mindfulness Sessions, Yoga Sessions and The Wellness Podcast
  • Company H&W Events: Bring your employees together and launch health & wellbeing events to energise your employees
  • Wellbeing Programme Manager: Bespoke support & direction for organisations looking to implement a successful Health & Wellbeing Offering
  • Analytics & Insights: HR teams can access anonymous health & wellbeing data to support the shaping of the corporate strategy
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The potential of a healthier workforce is unprecedented.

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