Flu Vaccinations in the workplace for 2023

Flu Vaccinations in the workplace for 2023

Flu Vaccinations in the workplace for 2023

Flu vaccinations in the workplace is often overlooked as flu is seen as something to just shake off, despite causing thousands of deaths every year. This is especially concerning when it comes to people who can be considered a risk, such as those with pre-existing heart or circulatory conditions. Getting flu vaccinations not only prevents you and your employees from getting sick and experiencing a drop in productivity, but also reduces the risk of more serious outcomes and deaths.

Sickness absence is one of the biggest contributors to workplace absences. It is especially concerning with highly contagious diseases such as influenza, as one infected person can then pass it on to a large number of employees, risking a big part of the workforce being absent simultaneously. Vaccinations are among the best preventative measures designed to combat issues like these.

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Why now?

Vaccinations are always important, as they are a key factor in preventing illnesses and worse outcomes. Now, however, there are a number of pressing issues that make jabs more essential than ever.

For example, our immunity to flu is currently reduced due to significantly lower levels of exposure after almost 3 years of lockdowns, social distancing, and mask-wearing. All of these measures also protected us from contracting the flu, thus leading to decreased circulation, which is in turn now causing lower immunity levels.

Another reason to consider getting a flu jab is the fact that prevention with alleviate the pressure on medical institutions and professionals. Still recovering from the pandemic and under pressure from all other crises, they will greatly benefit from the results vaccinations bring.

Who should get vaccinated?

While it is recommended that everyone gets vaccinated, it is especially important if:

  • The person is over 50,
  • Has a chronic illness or another long-term condition such as heart disease, diabetes, or circulatory issues,
  • Has a weakened immune system.

The jab will not be a 100% effective just as any other vaccine, but it will reduce the risk of contacting the flu, and if the symptoms do develop they will be milder and last for a shorter period.

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Vaccinated last year, should you do it again?

Every year there are different strains in circulation. Every year WHO identifies and puts out information on the most prevalent types of influenza in circulation that year and while vaccines from different types will be effective against each other to maximise benefits it is advised to get the vaccine every year to ensure the best protection.

Here at Fusion, we offer a number of vaccination services designed to protect you and your workforce:

  • On site nurse-led vaccination service
  • Flu jab vouchers for Boots the Chemist

If you are looking to book flu vaccinations with us or if you have any questions, please reach out below.

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