Ergonomic Assessment

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Ergonomic Assessment

ergonomic assessment

Ergonomic Assessment

An ergonomic assessment is about being proactive in the prevention of injury in the workplace. It is easier and often more important than trying to resolve issues that have already arisen.  This reduces the cost of loss production and claims resulting from poor job design.

We offer ergonomic assessments in the following areas to define good working practise and good working positions. This will limit the potential of injury due to poor workplace design and processes.

ergonomic assessment screen

Display screen equipment assessment (DSE)

Most people spend 7–9 hours a day sat at their work station, so getting advice on the correct seating positions is imperative. We often find that only minor adjustments in position are often needed to make a significant difference to the health and wellbeing of your employee. Our standard service offering includes a review with the employee of their set-up and completion of a risk assessment form including any recommended changes.

ergonomic assessment workplace

Work-place assessment (non office based)

We will review any job from one particular process on the production line to the whole production area and then present the results to the production engineers and management for their consideration.

We believe that without the input from the production engineers and the employees themselves during these assessments, the reports are often filed away without actions simply because the recommendations are impractical to apply in the real world.

ergonomic assessment vehicle

Vehicle assessment

We will assess both the person and the vehicle and advise the employee on how to best to sit/position themselves in order to reduce any symptoms they have or prevent them. This is usually done by either changing the way they sit or drive the vehicle, or by self-management protocols such as specific exercises or stretching at home.

All reports are peer review by our senior physiotherapy staff to ensure quality.

Ergonomic Equipment

We offer a full range of ergonomic equipment to suit any person and/ or workstation. Ergonomic furniture/ equipment is designed to make a person comfortable and efficient in their job.

ergonomic equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of information will be included in the report?

An ergonomic report will include a summary of any advice you have been given, along with any recommendations for equipment you may need to work safely at your desk.