Drug And Alcohol Testing Training

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Drug and Alcohol Testing Training

drug and alcohol testing training

In order to protect your business from drugs and alcohol misuse, it’s important for your staff to receive professional drug and alcohol testing training. The team at Fusion can offer a selection of expert training sessions.

In today’s society, one in ten people would fail a random drug test*

Drug and Alcohol Testing Awareness Training

By offering your employees Drug and Alcohol Testing Awareness Training, you can inform them about:

  • Your company’s policy on drug and alcohol misuse
  • Understanding fully informed consent
  • Why and when they may be tested
  • What will happen if they produce a positive sample
  • What happens when the laboratory confirms a result

24-34-year-olds are most likely to test positive for drugs or alcohol misuse

drug and alcohol testing awareness training

Drug and Alcohol Management Awareness Training

This can be offered to managers and supervisors. This can enable them to recognise the signs and symptoms of drug misuse. It can also help them to understand their responsibilities and duty of care to the wellbeing of employees who operate within their work group. This solution is ideal if you want to empower your managers and supervisors to undertake drug and alcohol testing themselves.

Over 20% of respondents admitted turning up to work, coming down from drugs*

Our training gives staff the knowledge and skills they need to perform different forms of testing. The most common forms are urine and oral fluid testing.

drug and alcohol management awareness training

Both methods can screen for up to 10 substances, but oral testing has the following advantages:

  • You can watch the employee providing a sample
  • No designated testing area is required to take a sample
  • It’s non-invasive vs urine – just a mouth swab
  • Excuses can’t be made about the inability to provide a sample
  • Males can take samples from females and vice versa
  • The detection window of oral fluid testing is shorter than urine. Typically, 1–2 days for most drugs
  • It is just as accurate as urine testing

*The 2014 Global Drug Survey (GDS) was conducted during November/December 2013 with nearly 80,000 respondents worldwide.

To find out more about our Drug and Alcohol Testing Training, or any of our occupational health services, contact us today.


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