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Our Proactive and Comprehensive Covid-19 Services

Fusion can now provide a number of services to help you and your employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, All costs have been added for each service but we would be happy to discuss a package with you and deals for high volumes of work.

On Site Temperature Checks

Fusion are providing daily Temperature Checking via infra-red no-contact thermometers.

The checks will identify any signs of a fever. Providing peace of mind to the workforce and the Employer! 

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COVID-19 Helpline for Employees

Fusion have set up a Coronavirus helpline for Employees.

An Employee can call 0333 241 3082 and speak to one of our Clinical Team (Nurses/ OHA’s) who will provide guidance and advice on queries regarding COVID-19.

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Testing for COVID-19

Fusion are able to provide Antigen and Anti-body tests for COVID-19.

The test will provide a result and identify if the individual either has COVID-19 or has previously had it and built up immunity to the disease. 

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Face Fit Testing

A face fit test is a simple test which checks whether a person’s mask fits their face shape and size.

When worn correctly RPE (respiratory protective equipment) should protect the wearer from airborne hazards (particulates, dusts, gases etc.).

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Duty of Care Return to Work Screening

Fusion Occupational Health has created an online questionnaire to assess employees returning from Furlough or being laid off following the COVID-19 outbreak.

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