8 great ideas for workplace occupational health events and challenges

As we highlighted at the beginning of the year, one of our Occupational Health Trends for 2019 involved organisations introducing activities and challenges to promote a better work/life balance for employees.

With this in mind, we asked our occupational health and wellbeing experts to share some of the most popular workplace occupational health events and challenges from the British Heart Foundation.

Be Active Challenge

The Be Active Challenge encourages you to plan realistic physical activity every day and build up to 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity every week, with mission tips to help you along the way.

Download the Be Active Challenge here

Stair Climb Challenge

As the name suggests, the Stair Climb Challenge is all about climbing stairs!

When your busy life makes it difficult to fit being active around all of your other commitments, simply using the stairs more often can help.

This challenge encourages staff to take the stairs as part of competing teams and equates their activity to famous places across the globe, from the 107 flights of stairs at Canary Wharf to the 3,871 flights of stairs that it would take to climb Everest!

Download the Stair Climb Challenge here

Health at Work Action Plan 

This is a great resource for team leaders and anyone tasked with organising occupational health events for businesses.

The Health at Work Action Plan acts as a template for planning initiatives and organising when, where and how they will take place.

By agreeing who does what, you can use this plan to implement successful events across the year.

Download the Health at Work Action Plan

The Rainbow Challenge 

This is a great challenge which focuses on nutrition but doesn't involve any eating! 

Teams are simply given a colour and encouraged to find fruit and veg of the same colour.

It will encourage staff to eat the fruit and veg they find and you can offer a prize for the team that finds the most.

Download the Rainbow Challenge here

Waist Watchers 

This challenge is designed to help workplaces support employees that want to reach a healthier weight and stay there.

By using waist measurements as the focus for monitoring progress, participants can track their weekly weight loss and see their waist measurement drop.

Download the Waist Watchers Challenge here

Food Label Challenge 

We’ve already looked at the importance of knowing how to read a food label.

This challenge does just that. Employees are asked to discuss the nutritional value of some typical lunch-time foods and snacks and then explore the food labels to see if they match their expectations.

Download the Food Label Challenge here

Workplace Smoking Cessation 

As we mentioned in our Respiratory Health Guide, quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do to improve your health.

This workplace challenge takes smokers through the process of stopping smoking as a team.

Download the Workplace Smoking Cessation Challenge here

Hydration Challenge 

Drinking two litres of water per day is proven to improve your health and wellbeing.

This challenge encourages staff to increase their daily fluid intake by recording the number of glasses of water they drink during the working day.

Download the Hydration Challenge here 

These are just a few of the occupational health activities and challenges that can help organisations improve the health and wellbeing of staff and reduce the risk of staff absence.

To find out more, get in touch with one of the specialist team at Fusion.

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