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What is Streaking?

I know what’s going through your mind, a naked woman running across a rugby pitch. Am I right?

That is what springs to mind when seeing the word streaking but nowadays it has a more productive and less entertaining meaning. Those who snap chat know that streaks are created when you’ snap chat’ someone daily without missing a day. If you miss a day you lose your streaks and have to restart at zero. Now this is more similar to the type of streaking of which I am an advocate, as I am not about to run across a rugby pitch naked much to the disappointment of my friends. 

Now I hope I have grasped your attention, let’s get serious. This streaking process is relatively simple yet incredibly powerful in the shaping of new habits to reach health goals. Essentially, we are a product of our habits which includes what we eat, drink, our thoughts and our behaviour, this all ultimately creates who we are. Our daily habits are ingrained in us so deeply that we are almost robotic in a lot that we do; we have the same morning routine, we take the same spot in the gym changing rooms and sit in the same seats. So to make new habits we firstly have to be aware of what it is we want to achieve and then attach a reason why and this is what will play some part in keeping us on track. 

So streaking is just that, it’s about tracking habits. You will be surprised at how much you already track habits such as your daily steps and your finances through your banking app. However, let’s take this a step further, think of a health goal followed by a habit that will make a significant impact in achieving this goal. You then need to start streaking which is tracking your new habit and the idea is not to break the chain. It’s the small positive habits that will make the difference long term, something which Darren Hardy refers to as ‘The Compound Effect. This is the notion of reaping huge rewards from relatively insignificant choices.

Visually Tracking Your Progress

A visual tracker will support your progress as seeing something as little as the cross or star on your calendar to symbolise your daily streak will be a sense of achievement, reward and motivation to continue creating your new habit. I am sure you will agree that we live in an age where we want immediate results and things now, but the beauty in this is knowing the power of these habits in making life changing results from newly formed patterns of behaviour and it’s the small steps of streaking which will lead to your success.

Find an Accountability Partner!

Having an accountability partner will certainly be of benefit to you and improve your streaking habits.. I prefer the name ‘streaking buddy’ and it helps even more so if this person is aiming to form the same new habit. I have researched this and friends have shown how well this works in streaking for 21 days in habits such as practising yoga, walking and giving up chocolate. They messaged each other daily to chat about what they had done which kept one another on track. They proved the power of this simple concept of streaking and I was blown away by their accomplishments.

Now everyone can have a bad day but the idea is not to have a zero on your tracker. However, if that happens the key is to reclaim it immediately by getting straight back on board. So many of us fall into an ‘all or nothing’ mindset and beat ourselves up by self sabotaging and spoiling another day in succession. We know this causes more negative effects but as the habit is broken we tend to have a defeatist attitude and give up. We slip back into an old formed habit as this serves us immediately. But I promise you that streaking with your streaking buddy will be lots of fun as well as effective in reaching your goal.

So what now?

My suggestion is that you actually try this for a 21 day streak to start as this is a starting point to form a new habit. However, this will not be enough to make a life time change to see significant results. This will motivate you by believing you can create new habits as you will see the progress of just 21 days. You will just in those 21 days experience the honeymoon phase of excitement, then the fight through phase in the middle followed by the habit becoming second nature. 

Once you have completed your first streak it should empower you to continue and to even add to your personal challenge for further success as ‘habit stacking’ is also proved to be effective and promoted by James Clear in his outstanding book ‘Atomic Habits’ where he outlines how one positive habit leads to another. Of course, this can be done in any walks of life but what better than creating a new habit to improve your health as the short and long term gains of improved health are astounding with increased energy, heart health, brain health, wellbeing and a brighter future. 

As F M Alexander stated that 

‘People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures’

So what are you waiting for? 

  1. Choose your health goal
  2. Choose your new habit
  3. Select a start date
  4. Ask a friend to be your streaking buddy
  5. Get a calendar to track your progress
  6. Start streaking

I won’t wish you luck, just a positive mindset and belief that you can do this.

Rhianwen F. Moore

Health & Lifestyle Coach

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