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Wear It Beat It 2018 - British Heart Foundation

In our ongoing effort to improve workplace health and wellbeing, every now and then, we like to highlight the special days and months that raise awareness for specific charities and health issues. Since June is Wear It Beat It month for the British Heart Foundation, we thought we’d take a look at the work they do and what your business could do to help.

British Heart Foundation

Founded in 1961, the British Heart Foundation is the biggest funder of cardiovascular research in the UK. They help scientists to undertake pioneering research into many different heart conditions, their diagnosis and treatment.

British Heart Foundation logo

While they have battled against this disease for over 50 years and helped hundreds of thousands of people in the UK through decades of research and discovery, there are still 7 million living with heart and circulatory diseases, which accounts for a quarter of all deaths.

Their work has transformed heart attack care, progressed genetic testing for inherited heart conditions and developed new treatments for babies born with heart defects.

The fight against heart disease continues

One in four people still dies from heart and circulatory disease in the UK.

Surgery techniques can still be improved. Many babies still struggle with a congenital heart defect. And there are exciting developments in genetics and stem cell technology yet to be found, which could revolutionise the treatment of many heart conditions.

One of the ways that they can fund this is through events like Wear It Beat It.

What is wear it beat it?

People wearing red for Wear It Beat It month 2018

The British Heart Foundation’s annual, Wear It Beat It campaign encourages people to wear red and raise some money to keep hearts beating.

At Fusion, we’ll be encouraging our staff to wear anything red and collecting donations from cake sales and selling any unwanted items. You can order a Materials Pack for your office on the British Heart Foundation website.

You will receive:

  • Tips for hitting your target quickly and easily
  • A collection box
  • A banner and stickers
  • A sponsorship form for collecting donations
  • A poster template
  • Information about where your money goes

Fundraising games

A group of women in red clothing at a tea party

Wearing red to work is just one of the suggestions from the BHF.

You could organise a “red bake-off” featuring some tasty scarlet-hued treats or a “red pamper day” with all staff getting a crimson-coloured pedicure (men and women!).

The British Heart Foundation says that after costs incurred for governing the Charity it’s able to use a whopping 76p of every £1 collected, so have no doubt that your money will be spent helping those that need it most.

If you are taking part, we’d love to see your entries.

If you’d like to find out how our occupational health services can help to keep staff fit get in touch today.

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