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Remote health surveillance and medicals during the COVID-19 pandemic

Offering a health surveillance programme is a legal requirement for businesses and one of the many things that have been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Looking after the health and wellbeing of your employees is more vital than ever. Alongside the specific occupational health coronavirus services that we provide, we’re now offering remote health surveillance and medicals.

We explore the tiered approach that we are taking to remote health surveillance and medical assessments so that you can continue to offer a compliant service for your employees in these changing times.

Our remote surveillance process

At Fusion, we recognise the current constraints presented by the coronavirus outbreak mean that health screenings will now need to be delivered in a slightly different way.

As restrictions relax in terms of social distancing, with further changes possible if circumstances should change, it’s important to maintain a consistent approach that can adapt quickly.

Our health surveillance process can offer remote assessments which allow you to remain compliant with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations and maintain the continued health and wellbeing of your staff.

Remote health surveillance: Stage 1 – Set up

A member of the Fusion team will analyse your employee’s health surveillance data and let you know how many appointments are needed to keep you compliant with the HSE regulations.

We will then contact you to book the required number of appointments. Which can include part-day and single appointments, when required.

These appointments could be over the telephone, on video or in a remote on-site clinic.

Remote health surveillance: Stage 2 – Managing the outcomes

If no issues are raised during the set-up process, a full assessment will be deferred for 6 months.

Where issues are raised there are two options.

  • A video assessment by an Occupational Health Advisor (OHA) or Occupational Health Physician (OHP). This will be subject to our occupational health triage.
  • A face-to-face assessment. In this instance, medical examinations should only be necessary in exceptional circumstances. 

Before any face-to-face meetings, a questionnaire will need to be completed and the employee’s temperature will be taken. 

Should they have any possible symptoms of COVID-19 and/or a high temperature (37.8 or above), the assessment will not go ahead, and they’ll be told to self-isolate.

Remote health surveillance: Stage 3 – Onward health surveillance

The team at Fusion will prepare the data ready for the next phase of assessments.

We’ll ensure that this will meet any amendments to the requirements set out by the HSE.

So long as remote screening is undertaken, you will remain compliant.

What are remote on-site clinics?

With more people working from home, it’s possible that the remote assessment might take place at the employee’s home.

If that’s the case, one of our team at Fusion can call your employee on the phone or video message through their computer to conduct the consultation.

If they are in the workplace, you’ll need to provide a quiet room for the consultation. We can then call or video message them in the room.

If, however, you can’t supply a room with a phone or computer, we can travel to your business and set up a remote on-site clinic with a tablet device to contact the employee.

Our technician would work from a different area to ensure we remain compliant with the HSE guidelines.

If you’d like to find out more about our remote health surveillance service, contact the team at Fusion today.

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