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Introducing Fuse; our new occupational health portal and app

We recently teased that our new occupational health portal and app is coming soon.

Well, it’s here!

The new and updated Fuse portal, designed and developed by UpriseVSI, launched today; July 1st, 2019.

Businesses that choose to subscribe will be able to offer staff exclusive content about their physical health and mental wellbeing, as well as a host of new and updated functions.

To give you a taste, here’s what users can access when they sign up to Fuse.

The Fuse Health and Wellbeing Portal

When a business subscribes to the new Fuse web portal, their staff will be able to access information and services that will allow them to improve their physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Users can do this in a number of ways.

Setting goals

Once an account has been set up, users can create an experience that’s unique to them by setting their own health and wellbeing goals and updating their profile details as and when they need to.

They can choose the focus of the goal, the type of goal and the target they aim to reach, along with start and completion dates.

Monitoring Progress

Users are able to see which health and wellbeing goals they have already completed, how much progress they’ve made on their active goals and how long they have left to achieve them.

They can also create as many new goals as they like, as well as updating existing goals with milestones.

Energy Levels

Each goal and the content that relates to them is attributed to one of four “energy levels”, these include:

  • Social - Enhancing your Social Wellbeing
  • Physical & Fitness - Keeping Fit and Healthy
  • Emotional Wellbeing - Creating a positive emotional environment
  • Mental Wellness - Importance of Mental Health & Wellbeing

Each energy level section of the portal gives users access to manuals, factsheets, blogs, questionnaires and other resources.

Expert advice

Fuse subscribers also have access to their own team of experts, covering each of the four energy levels:

  • Jane Simpson is a fitness and nutrition coach
  • Gareth Richardson is a personal trainer and qualified gym instructor
  • Margaret Laurie is our clinical director and an occupational health services specialist
  • Nick Donaghy is a qualified BACP therapeutic counsellor

Our experts will be writing exclusive content for Fuse and users will be able to set specific goals based on their areas of expertise.

They will also be on hand to offer advice and answer any questions that people might have.

The Fuse Community

Staff members of a business that subscribes to the Fuse portal will also be able to share their thoughts via the Fuse Community forum within the portal.

Here, they can create discussions about the topics raised in the blogs and other resources as well as share their goal achievements to the rest of their organisation.

The Fuse goal-setting app

Businesses that subscribe to the Fuse portal will also be able to offer their staff access to our new goal-setting app, which has been specifically designed and developed to complement the web-based portal.

The app will be registered to a users’ portal account and automatically log them in when launched.

It has been created using UX design principles to give visitors a seamless experience on their mobile device.

Rather than logging into the portal on a desktop device or through a browser, users can access and edit their goals directly from the app, as well as managing their profile, reading exclusive content or contacting Fuse’s team of experts.

Since the app is quick and easy to access on a mobile device, users can monitor their progress wherever they are.

We’re really excited about the benefits that our new health and wellbeing portal and app offer to organisations and their staff.

With the launch of Fuse, we are looking forward to helping people focus on improving their physical health and mental wellness. If you’d like to find out how you can subscribe to Fuse, contact us now.

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