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Occupational health coronavirus (COVID-19) services

The team of occupational health specialists at Fusion OH is here to support you and your employees during the coronavirus pandemic.

As restrictions of the coronavirus lockdown ease in England, businesses will need to think about the safest way for their employees to return to work.

At Fusion, we’re committed to providing our clients with the support they need, whatever the circumstances. 

Here are the occupational health coronavirus services that we currently offer, to ensure the health and wellbeing of employees at this challenging time.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) daily temperature checking

Since a high temperature is one of the symptoms of coronavirus, a daily temperature check for employees can highlight any who might be displaying this symptom.

We can offer a number of options that will allow businesses to check the temperatures of their staff.

Temperature check by a Fusion technician

Temperature checking stations will be set up in the workplace, preferably near to entrances.

One of our trained technicians will take the temperatures of staff members with non-contact laser thermometers. 

If the employee’s temperature is within the acceptable range, they will be given a red sticker.

If their temperature is 37.8 C or above, the employee will be advised to go home immediately and self-isolate.

Temperature check by company team leaders

Team leaders within a company will be provided with non-contact laser thermometers. They’ll also be given training on how to use them from a member of our team at Fusion.

Team leaders will take the temperatures of staff members and give them a red sticker if their temperature is within the acceptable range.

 If their temperature is 37.8 C or above, the employee will be advised to go home immediately and self-isolate.

Find out more about our on-site COVID-19 temperature checks.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) helpline

At Fusion, we’ve set up a coronavirus helpline for our clients’ staff members. They can call a dedicated number and speak to one of our clinical team, who will provide guidance and advice on queries regarding COVID-19.

Our nurses are fully briefed with the latest guidance. They can provide support, answering questions like:

  • What is Coronavirus?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of coronavirus?
  • What is self-isolation, social distancing or shielding?
  • How can I protect my family?
  • What should I do if a member of my household has symptoms?

 If for any reason a nurse is not available, we will arrange a call-back on the same day.

This service also includes access to a webinar that covers many of the questions that people have about coronavirus.

Find out more about our COVID-19 helpline for employees.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) anti-body testing 

We can offer COVID-19 anti-body test devices from the largest manufacturer of diagnostic testing in China. These are point-of-care tests, so the test is not sent to any laboratory for confirmation.

As well as the kits, businesses will also be provided with a video demonstration on how to perform the tests.

They are CE Marked and have been approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for professional use.

If specific antibodies are detected in the staff member’s blood sample, the test will display red bands, showing that they have been exposed to the virus.

Find out more about our COVID-19 anti-body testing.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) face fit testing

When RPE (respiratory protective equipment) or PPE (personal protective equipment) needs to be worn, we can offer a face fit testing service.

This is a simple test to ensure that the RPE or PPE face mask fits correctly.

Since people come in all shapes and sizes, a face fit test ensures that any mask that needs to be worn is suitable for the wearer. 

Find out more about our face fit testing.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) return-to-work screening

This is an online questionnaire to assess employees who are returning to work from furlough or after being laid off following the COVID-19 outbreak. 

It will help to identify anyone who may be vulnerable and offer advice on supporting their return to work.

If any concerns are raised on the questionnaire, a telephone consultation can be arranged to seek further information. 

Following the screening, a notification will be sent outlining the outcome and recommended advice.

Find out more about our COVID-19 return-to-work screening.

Occupational health portal

Businesses that use our occupational health services can also apply to access our occupational health portal and app; Fuse.

This offers staff exclusive content about their physical health and mental wellbeing.

We’re here to offer support and advice to businesses and their employees in these changing and stressful times.

For more information about our occupational health coronavirus (COVID-19) services, contact the team at Fusion today.

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