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If you're struggling with motivation working from home, try these four tips

Working from home used to be for freelancers, top bosses or as an occasional treat. However, since the coronavirus pandemic, things have changed and it looks like they may stay this way for a while.

Many of our clients are introducing flexible working for their staff or offering a hybrid of remote and on-site working. As both businesses and individuals get used to this “new normal”, we’re all finding ways to cope with everything from Zoom fatigue to new work-related health issues.

If you've moved to working from home, there are definitely upsides to your home being your office – except sometimes, we can all find our productivity flagging.

If you’re struggling to perform without your usual surroundings, here are four top tips for getting motivated.

1. Dress to impress

Sure, we all enjoyed living that pyjama lifestyle for a little while – just putting on a smart jumper for meetings and calling it a day. However, this can make it hard for you to tell the difference between your downtime and your work time. You can easily create that separation by making a little bit of an effort for those Zoom calls, or even just days when it’s you and your spreadsheets.

Whatever dressing more smartly means to you, try it out. Whether it’s a shirt and tie or a slash of lipstick, dress a little more like you are in the office and you could just trick yourself into feeling that extra bit of motivation.

2. Try a tea round

Okay, we are not suggesting you actually do a full tea round like you’re in the office again. But what we are saying is that you should take regular breaks. Surrounded by other people, it’s easy to stop for a chat or go for a cheeky pub lunch.

When you’re working from home, it becomes a lot more difficult to tear yourself away from doing just one more thing. Make sure you get up from your desk for regular breaks to make tea, go for a walk or take a long lunch, just like you would in the office. You can come back to your work with a fresh new attitude, feeling inspired.

3. Create space

Along the same lines, try to create a dedicated and productive workspace. This can be difficult if you live with other people, or in a smaller home. However, working from your bed can make it incredibly difficult to gear up for your workday, and even harder to power down after it.

Even if you just move your laptop to the sofa and make sure to keep it in the living room, putting it away when you’re done and not checking any emails – this can help enormously. Remember, you will quickly run out of steam if you never stop working.

4. Stay in touch

Have you been missing those tea break chats? A big part of our working lives is the social side of things. Your lack of motivation could stem from not having anyone to thrash out difficult projects with, or simply talk about your day with.

We might all be a little burned out on those video calls but make an effort to communicate with other employees about things that aren’t just constrained to official catch-ups. Even if all you do is talk about what you watched on Netflix, it can give you the boost you need to get back on task.

If you’d like to find out how our occupational health services can support your staff, wherever they’re working, contact the team at Fusion today.

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