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Is stress affecting your workplace?

Is stress affecting your workplace?


Could stress be affecting your business?

Stress is something that can affect us all at some points in our lives and due to the ever-changing climate we find ourselves in it is no surprise that some of us may be feeling a little more stressed than usual, that is why it is imperative that employers understand the importance of managing stress in the workplace, to support both the success of their business and the wellbeing of their employees. Cases of workplace stress have grown by 20% since 2018 and this may not come as a surprise to many due to the difficult circumstances that employees have had to face over the previous 12 months.


So, what do the statistics say?

In a report published by the Health and Safety Executive in 2020 it was found that 828,000 employees were suffering with work related stress, this equates to a total of 17.9 million working days being lost.

The CIPD Health & Wellbeing at work report found that 60% of companies reported an increase in the most common mental health conditions.

These statistics alone show that there has been a clear rise of stress and mental health related issues in the workplace and demonstrate the importance and responsibility for employers to ensure that they are supporting their employees with stress and mental health related issues.


What are the main causes of workplace stress?

Stress affects 1 in 5 of the working population and there are many reasons why your employees may be feeling stressed.

Workplace Demands

Some people thrive under pressure and will do their best to go the extra mile for their employer, however, this can sometimes become the source of the problem with a growing list of tasks, responsibilities and deadlines to meet that becomes too much for the employee. This is known as Burnout. As a Line Manager make sure that you regularly communicate with your employees to understand their workload and provide support when it is needed.

Changes in the workplace

Workplaces are changing, and sometimes this can fill employees with worry and stress, it may be that you are bringing employees back into the office after working from home for a long period of time or that you are having to make difficult decisions that may causes employees to be fearful of losing their jobs, it could even be something as simple as making changes to job role and team structures. The problem is that change creates uncertainty, and this unfortunately causes stress. Regularly communicating and being transparent with your employees about change is imperative to ensuring that your employees feel comfortable and secure in their job role


Sometimes you may have employees who are struggling with certain relationships in the workplace, for example poor leadership can cause extremely stressful relationships and tension between managers and employers. Good working relationships will create a healthier working environment resulting in happier employees who are productive and engaged with your business

Issues at home

It could be that your employees are suffering with issues at home and do not know where to turn for support. People can experience a variety of demands and pressure outside of the workplace that could be affecting them at work, and it is difficult as an employer to influence or make changes to an employee’s situation outside of work, however taking a holistic approach to employee wellbeing can help to provide support to your employees when they need it most


What are the signs and symptoms of stress?

In order to support your employees with stress it is important that you first understand what some of the symptoms may be.

There are many symptoms of stress and here is some of the key symptoms you should look out for:

  • Feeling angry or feeling the need to suppress anger
  • Feeling out of control
  • Excessive emotion & crying at small irritations
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Jumping from one task to another
  • Under or overeating
  • Increased or excessive drinking of alcohol
  • Increased or excessive smoking
  • Increased coffee consumption

If your employees identify with some of these symptoms, then they could be suffering with stress.


How to support employees who may be dealing with stress

Supporting your employees with stress has never been more important. Focusing on stress as part of your wider wellbeing strategy is extremely effective way of supporting your employees with stress

Here are some top tips:

Help your employees to understand more about stress

Providing a resource of information to help your employees understand the signs and symptoms of stress is a great place to start

Encourage your employees to understand their stress triggers

Encouraging your employees to understand their stress triggers at work will enable you to work with them and make any appropriate realistic changes that could improve their working life and help them to become less stressed

Encourage your employees to be physically active

It's true! Exercise really does help us to reduce our stress levels. Regular exercise can improve your overall wellbeing and boost the production of those feel-good endorphins. Why not try implementing a physical wellbeing challenge for your employees that is based on miles or steps, workplace wellbeing challenges are a proven way to bring your employees together in one common goal of getting active together. Team means together everybody achieves more.

Implement a wellbeing strategy

When Health & Wellbeing Strategies are implemented correctly, they can really make a difference! Here are some statistics found in a survey from the CIPD Health & Wellbeing at Work Report show the achievements of Wellbeing Strategies over the past 12 months. 

  • 22% Improved Productivity 
  • 49% A healthier and more inclusive culture 
  • 58% Better employee morale and engagement 
  • 30% Lower sickness absence 
  • 28% Better staff retention


What is the business case for effectively dealing with stress in the workplace?

A proactive approach to employee wellbeing, mental health and stress in the workplace has many benefits for both your business and your employees. Here are a few key reasons why you should invest in supporting your employees with stress.

Productive and engaged employees

Happy and healthy employees are far more engaged and productive in the workplace

Talent Retention

By creating a better working environment and a more open culture around stress and mental health your employees will be more engaged and loyal to the business

Value for Money

For every £1 spent on effective mental health interventions you will see a return of £5 in reduced absence, presenteeism and talent retention


Our Services

At Fusion, we offer a range of mental health services designed to support the mental wellbeing of your employees such as:

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England training

We offer the widely recognised Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training courses, this training will enable you to build a team of effective Mental Health First Aiders that can help to listen, reassure, respond and support employees who may be experiencing a mental health problem.

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Moments of Mindfulness

We offer a range of Mindfulness services that can help your employees to deal with stressful situations better, Mindfulness at work is a great way to help your employees manage stress and stressful situations. It can increase productivity and improve communication skills. Practicing mindfulness can lower stress levels and enhance empathy. It promotes the development of self-awareness.

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