How do the benefits of life insurance support personal fitness?

In our role as workplace health providers, we work with businesses to improve the health and wellbeing of their staff, from workplace health checks to occupational health initiatives and counselling services.

In order to provide the best support and advice, we work with selected partners in specific skill sectors. With all of this specialist knowledge at our disposal, we thought it would be worth sharing some of it.

ViiSana is an Exclusive Associate for Vitality, allowing clients to obtain their award-winning insurance products which offer specially-designed wellbeing rewards to help you live longer and get more out of life.

So we asked them to give us their thoughts on the benefits of health and life insurance.

A matter of life and death

Despite the name, many people associate life insurance with dying.

It’s certainly true that a life insurance policy offers financial support to your surviving loved ones when you die. It’s especially important if you are a breadwinner for your family.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is one of the longest-established and simplest examples of insurance.

There are essentially two different types of life insurance:

  • Term life insurance - This pays out in the event of your death within a given number of years (the “Term”).
  • Whole-of-life insurance – This pays out at whatever age you die.

It was originally intended to ensure sufficient funds for your family to provide you with a decent funeral when you die.

Although this is still one of the purposes of life insurance, it has developed more widely to provide a general cash benefit to your designated beneficiaries upon your death.

What can life insurance be used for?

In addition to funeral expenses, the benefits might be regarded as a legacy you choose to leave to your loved ones.

This sum could be used to pay off a mortgage or other outstanding debts, help with everyday expenses or pay for children’s school or college fees.

These are just some of the reasons why life insurance is considered such a valuable safeguard for anyone with dependents.

When should you think about getting life insurance?

Since life insurance is relevant to anyone with dependents, it should be a focus for everyone, not just the elderly.

An article in Cover magazine revealed that the average age of claimants with one leading life insurance company was 42, with the youngest just 19 years of age.

Unlike many other forms of insurance, life insurance also has a very high rate of claims payments. In the example quoted by Cover Magazine, 99% of claims paid out!

The benefits of life insurance

Simply having arranged life insurance may help to give you an increased sense of satisfaction and well-being.

After all, you now know that you’ve taken steps to ensure that your dependents are financially secure in the event of your death.

Life insurance also serves as a reminder, albeit an unpleasant one, of our own mortality. For many people, it acts as a catalyst to improve their fitness and health.

The importance of keeping fit and healthy

At ViiSana, just like the occupational health specialists at Fusion, we realise the importance of inspiring men and women to keep fit and healthy. That’s why we offer rewards and discounts to encourage our customers to do just that.

One of the main reasons for organising life insurance will inevitably be ensuring a secure financial future for your loved ones. But it can also give you a boost to improve your own fitness levels. And there’s evidence that suggests if you do that you could reduce the risks to your health.

Physical activity and health

In a detailed report on the connection between regular exercise and health levels, the charity Sustrans found that people taking more exercise were up to 30% less likely to suffer a major illness or condition and die.

Medical Officers recommended that adults take a minimum of 150 minutes or two and a half hours of moderate activity every week.

This should be in sessions of 10 minutes or more. Ideally, 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days every week.

You can find a handy 20-minute on-your-feet workout here.


Working with specialist partners like ViiSana is an important part of the workplace health and wellbeing services that we provide at Fusion.

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with one of our team today.

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