Clare’s Coronavirus Diary - Balancing working from home and family life

We’re now in the first few weeks of the UK lockdown due to coronavirus.

Like many businesses, we’re facing the prospect of members of staff using their home as a workspace.

We’re not only providing support to our clients for the physical and mental health and wellbeing of their employees but we’re also focusing on our own staff.

We asked Clare Hurley, our Director of Key Accounts, to tell us how she is juggling the responsibilities of work and family.

Clare’s coronavirus diary

With children at home from school, like many people at the moment, I’m finding new ways to balance working from home and family life.

In these uncertain times, there’s no right or wrong approach to this. Here’s my typical day.

6am - Up and at ‘em

I’m up at the break of dawn to get some work done while it’s still quiet. 

I realise that not everyone is a morning person, so this might not work for all of you.

9am - The kids wake up

Time for a healthy breakfast to set them up for the day.

You can also start the day with a PE lesson from The Body Coach, Joe Wicks.

In fact, quite a few celebrities are hosting their own video classes throughout the day.

Here’s a handy list of the online classes.

10am to 12pm - School work

Now it’s time for two hours of school work.

Luckily, the school has sent us work, so I can set them their tasks and leave them to it.

12pm - Break time

This gives everyone some quiet time.

As well as having a light lunch, the kids can watch a film while I catch up on work for an hour or two.

1pm - Craft time

Now we can get creative by setting a craft task.

And while they’re finding their inner artist, I can check on my emails.

2pm - Fresh air

Time to send them out in the garden. 

While they get some fresh air, I can get on with some work.

3pm - Out and about

With the current restrictions, we only get one walk but we make the most of it.

4pm - Reading

While the kids catch up with their latest books, I can get a last bit of work done.

It’s important for us to catch up afterwards and chat about what they’ve read.

5pm - Winding down

Time for tea and then run a bath and get them relaxed.

However the day pans out, it’s important to share it with your partner if at all possible.

While it’s vital for your children to have a structured day, don’t put yourself under too much pressure.

Make sure you get some time to work but you have to remember that these are unique circumstances.

We’re all finding a way to deal with the days at the moment. However you’re balancing working from home with your family life, remember to stay safe and positive.

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