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It’s beginning to look a lot like Bingemas: How to avoid overindulging this Christmas

We’re here throughout the year, offering our occupational health services to businesses. While improving workplace health and wellbeing and reducing sickness absence are always high on the priority list, there’s one time of year when healthy intentions tend to go by the wayside for both businesses and individuals.

You can check out our 8 ways to have yourself a healthy little Christmas. But we thought we’d also look at a few more tips to avoid the overindulgence that sometimes accompanies this festive season.

This isn’t about not having fun but rather, enjoying yourself without impacting too much on your health. Here are a few fat-fighting tips that we hope will help you to avoid overindulging over Christmas and New Year.

Be savvy with your starters

If there are plates of canapes, choose lean protein-based options like prawns rather than deep-fried, battered or pastry-coated treats.

Bring a healthy option

If you’re contributing a dish for the meal, bring the healthy option. At least then you’ll know that there will be something you can tuck into when you’ve overdone the pastry parcels!

Stand away from the snacks!

It’s all too easy to dip into the crisp or peanut bowl when you’re chatting. Try and position yourself an arm’s length away from tempting treats.

Keep it simple

Focus on an easy-to-maintain health routine. Drink plenty of water. Stick to your 5-a-day. Have a hearty breakfast.

Veg out!

Everyone loves a loaded plate on Christmas day. Aim to fill your plate with at least 50% veg. Not too many roasties and make sure there’s a nice selection on there.

It’s okay to say no

Don’t be afraid to counteract the usual response of “but it’s Christmas!” when you say no to another mince pie. Only have as much as you feel comfortable with.

Eating it “because it’s there”

If there are leftovers, put them in the freezer rather than forcing them down at the end of the day. You can easily transform leftover veg into a healthy soup.

Make time for exercise

You don’t have to break up Christmas with trips to the gym. Just a short 15-minute workout will help. We put together a 20-minute ‘One Your Feet’ workout and some simple stretches for call-centre staff that could be adapted.

Rather than reclining on the sofa for the Christmas specials, take time to go for a walk and burn off those calories.

Have a silent night’s sleep

However busy you might be, nothing is more important than a good night’s sleep. It can also impact your waistline. Too little sleep can reduce the level of the appetite-controlling hormone leptin and increase the hormone ghrelin. This tells the brain that you need to eat.

Don’t overdo the Christmas spirits

Yes, it’s a time to celebrate being with loved ones. And we certainly don’t think there’s anything wrong with the odd festive tipple. However, too often Christmas is seen as an excuse to drink excessive amounts of alcohol.

Keep tabs on how much you are drinking and punctuate alcoholic drinks with soft ones. Drinking plenty of water will help to avoid a Boxing Day hangover.

It’s possible to enjoy the festivities without going overboard. Just use your judgement and have everything in moderation.

Just like we offer workplace health checks to businesses throughout the year. This Christmas, make sure you give yourself a festive health check.

Here's to a happy, healthy Christmas and New Year from everyone at Fusion.


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