AI powered digital health and wellbeing

AI powered digital health and wellbeing

AI powered digital health and wellbeing

AI powered digital health and wellbeing: The world of workplace health and wellbeing has changed, and in 2023 it is now no secret that a robust employee healthcare strategy is more important than ever. Employers are now looking to implement proactive ways to support the health of their employees, with 33% of organisations increasing their wellbeing budget in the last 3 years. But why is this so important?

Following the Coronavirus pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis, and all other elements of uncertainty that employees have faced over recent years, more effective ways of supporting employee health are needed to drive better health throughout businesses.

Historically, employee healthcare has been delivered at the point of need when an employee is in crisis, but it is now more important than ever for organisations to implement proactive and preventative interventions that provide employees with access to a range of self-help tools that support them in making healthier lifestyle choices.

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Here at Fuse and Fusion, we believe that technology and AI can fundamentally change the way that organisations support their employees, with 57% of employees believing that apps and online technologies are going to become an employee’s first option for health support. It is designed to supercharge your employee healthcare investments and provide employees with a first-class digital health and wellbeing experience through a range of proactive modules.

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of organisations are now using wellbeing apps to support the health of their employees

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of employees are
interested in using
wellbeing apps to support improve their health

72% fuse ai blog

of employees want a
technology solution that supports their mental health in the workplace

62% fuse ai blog

of employees said they
would prefer to speak to a robot rather than a manager about their mental health


Organisations have invested heavily in wellbeing solutions, however, these become fragmented, and leave employees with multiple entry points to support that leave them feeling confused. We have created a solution that allows you to consolidate all digital health and wellbeing services such as your EAP, Health Cash Plans, Discount Platforms, and more into one application, with one measurable entry point through our AI Powered consolidation technology that allows your employees to access everything they need in once place.

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It is no secret that engagement with employee healthcare benefits is low, with the average engagement of an Employee Assistance Programme sitting at around 4-6% of your workforce. We have designed our platform to drive high levels of engagement through regular automated campaigns driven directly to the fingertips of your employees via our AI Powered Chat Bot Technology.


Real-time, structured employee wellbeing support, assisting your people in finding the help they need faster with our AI Powered Digital Wellbeing Assistant.


Your people can access a range of digital health and wellbeing self-help tools such as health checks, personal goal setting and the wellbeing library, giving them an enhanced understanding of their own health and the ability to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Our solution is supporting organisations across the UK to drive higher levels of engagement into their employee healthcare strategy:

  • >50% increase in engagement with Healthcare Benefits
  • 62% of employees completed a mental health check
  • 42% of employees have set a health improvement goal
  • 96% of employees accessed our wellbeing library

For more information on how our technology can force multiply the success of an employee healthcare strategy, please contact us today!

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