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Where did we begin?

In 2015, Santia Consulting was acquired by the Alcumus Group, whose aim was to grow and develop the subscription supplier services arm of the business. As a result, Santia’s occupational health division was put up for alternative ownership.

In 2016, a management buy-out was completed for the occupational health division and Fusion Occupational Health was born. We are the same people, in the same location, but with new ideas, new investment and an enhanced service.

What do we do?

By bringing together our commercial, medical and sales abilities, we can provide a fully-rounded occupational health and wellbeing service.

Our consultative approach allows us to gain insight and business intelligence. This means that we can fulfil the needs of both our clients and their employees.

We then deliver the best health & wellbeing advice using mobile app technology.

How do we do it?

We follow a coordinated and comprehensive set of strategies to meet our clients’ health and safety needs.

Workplace Health Model

1. Assessment

We look at the demographics of individuals and the health risks that relate to them. We also explore current practices, the work environment, infrastructure, company culture and community.

2. Planning & Management

We look at the leadership support and management structure. We also explore goals and strategies, resources and communications relating to the improvement of workplace health.

3. Implementation

We look at potential programs and policies that can be used. We also explore possible benefits and environmental support that can be provided.

4. Evaluation

We look at worker productivity and healthcare costs. We also explore improved health outcomes and the possibilities of organisational change and creating a culture of health.

A visual representation of Fusion Occupational Health's 4-stage workplace health model: assessment; planning and management; implementation; evaluation