Healthcare Case Study


Healthcare Provider Case Study

The Company

This healthcare company was established in 2016, following a management buy-out of the long-standing occupational health division of Alcumus. After six years of trading, in 2022, we attracted new investment from IT Capital, which has helped them to revolutionise their workplace occupational health assessments and wellbeing offering.

Their employees have access to an extensive wellbeing package, EAP and healthcare cash plan as well as other services to help them look after their health and wellbeing.

Healthcare provider case study
Healthcare provider case study

The Challenge

During a review of the company’s wellbeing package, several issues were identified. There were numerous benefits offered that were not being used by employees such as, the counselling, cycle to work scheme and the EAP helplines. In addition, duplicate services were found, such as 24/7 GP service and legal helplines Finally, an issue was identified whereby staff were not aware of how to access the benefits when they needed them. They believe that access to mental health support needs to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that employees should have access on their mobile devices so whenever and wherever they are, they can get the help they need.

Internally, the health and wellbeing and HR team were not able to access any management reporting, so were unable to measure the impact and report back to the board. This also made it difficult to ensure that they were offering wellbeing services that their employees wanted and needed.

The Process

To begin improving the wellbeing package, all currently offered benefits were reviewed in detail. It was discovered that many elements of the EAP that were being paid for could be accessed free of charge on Group life cover.

MI was obtained via a broker, and it was then possible to observe which services were important to the staff, and which were not being used: for example, the cash plan was essential, whereas the bundled counselling was not being utilised.

A survey was then sent out to the staff to gather more in-depth information and to gain their perspective. This also enabled us to look at what services staff valued and needed. From the results we learnt that many staff members did not access the EAP and six people had tried to access the counselling service, but three were unreasonably rejected for counselling as their cases were too complex. Upon review, they felt that these employees needed the counselling as a matter of urgency, so needed to find an organisation who could offer all of our employees services they needed and wanted no matter the circumstance.

The Solution

A restructure of the wellbeing package was determined to be the optimal course of action. The existing EAP was cancelled, and the focus was switched to one with an outstanding cash plan which can fulfil our employees needs.

Employees are now able to access counselling through a management referral process. This enabled the appropriate level of support and allowed the three people rejected from counselling to get the right level of care.

The EAP helplines are now available through both the cash plan and the group life cover, in addition to access to multiple discount platforms for all of their employees. Enabling their employees to gain access to all of the benefits through the  new Fuse AI app, thus offering:

  • Single location for access to services
  • The healthcare company getting analytics on usage
  • The healthcare company can push reminders and notifications
  • Accessible on all device types
  • Company email not required.

Finally, the new supplier can offer a high level of reporting direct to the company and not through a broker so we can monitor utilisation of the services and ensure the health and wellbeing of their employees is at the centre of our health and wellbeing strategy.

The Results

As a result of reviewing and switching suppliers, we have been able to achieve a 32% cost saving. More importantly, we have increased employee utilisation from 5% to 14%, we are hoping to further increase this over the coming months by using the clever notification tools provided as part of the FUSE AI application.

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