Fuse AI case study


Lincolnshire Police Case Study

Lincolnshire Police

The Company

The Lincolnshire police cover all areas of Lincolnshire including Boston, East Lindsey, Lincoln, North Kesteven, South Kesteven, South Holland and West Lindsey. On a daily basis their staff deal with crimes, road safety, fraud as well as offering support, reassurance, and advice to the local community.

They have staff working all over the county, either in their local stations or out an about helping members of the public. Policing is a challenging occupation, exposing their workforce to a variety of mental and physical stressors. As such, the health and wellbeing of their people was paramount.

The Challenge

They wanted to introduce an effective way of sharing services with their employees and volunteers, creating easier access to the help and support that their people needed as well as providing them with a platform to proactively support all elements of their personal health. We recognised that there are numerous roles within policing that work remotely and as such sharing communications and accessing services can be more challenging. We also know that it is not only during working hours that people will seek support.

out of hours support

The Process

Lincolnshire Police have chosen to use the FUSE AI health and wellbeing app as a platform to engage with their workforce. They were also conscious that they wanted to create an interactive user experience to ensure that people regularly engaged. They wanted a solution that was bespoke to their needs and was accessible to staff in the field as well as office based.

The Solution

The FUSE AI app provides content for users to engage with including podcasts, sleep sessions, home workouts, and experts to ask questions to, whilst also allowing them to combine this with their own content such as videos around resilience, financial toolkits, and links out to external sites. The combination of pre-populated content and their own services and information means that the app feels bespoke to them, has regular updates, and can be tailored to those areas that are a priority to them and their workforce.

instant access support

By having a mobile app available free of charge for people to put on their personal devices it has increased the level and quality of support provided, instantly offering access to services such as 24/7 support line, counselling, and physio capability from anywhere and at any time. Having access to the FUSE AI app means that people can use services at the point of need, reducing delays and enhancing their wellbeing.

Why they chose Fuse AI

The interactive content was a major draw to this system as it allows us to promote services we already have in place, whilst also providing ever-changing content to engage users without creating an administrative burden on the organisation to produce all of this. FUSE AI was a mid-range price option for us, but we felt that the additional cost was worth it for more interactive content.

fuse ai screengrab

By engaging heavily with FUSE AI throughout the development of the app and building a positive working relationship, we’ve been able to customise the content and feel of the app and provide feedback to make further user experience improvements. I am confident that this is something that will continue, allowing us to develop and enhance the platform further over time.

The Feedback

“Having access to the FUSE AI app means that our people can use services at the point of need, reducing delays and enhancing their wellbeing.”

Lauren Oliver, Health Care & Project Manager, Lincolnshire Police

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