Building Society Case Study


Building Society Case Study

Our Client

The world’s largest building society, run for the benefit of their members.

A major employer with around 17,000 staff and more than 700 branches across the UK, they are one of the biggest names on the high street.

They are now the world’s largest mutual financial institution, the UK’s third largest mortgage lender, and one of the UK’s largest savings providers. With a heritage, culture and ethos that remain unique, they were built on the solid foundation of mutuality.

Widely renowned for taking pride in their employees, our client has successfully enjoyed “Investors In People” status since 1992.

building society case study
building society case study the challenge

The Challenge

Our client was looking for a partner to provide their vastly-spread workforce with Occupational Health Support. They needed help in the following areas:

  • Support for managing attendance more effectively
  • Reducing the incidence and length of sickness absence
  • Reducing the levels of employer liability claims
  • Ensuring employees are assisted in returning to work after serious or long term illness
  • Generating policies and procedures that actively manage risk areas such as stress and mental health, and musculoskeletal conditions
  • Increasing employee awareness of health issues
  • Encouraging employees to make informed choices about their lifestyle and work practices
  • Assisting them to improve their physical and mental wellbeing and self-esteem, leading to better work performance
  • Emphasising that the organisation cares about its employees’ health and wellbeing at work

The Solution

At Fusion, we specialise in the delivery of a proactive nurse-led case management service. This supports individuals and delivers a sustainable reduction in sickness absence. It also offers financial savings by returning employees to work as soon as possible.

Our philosophy in managing sickness absence is focussed on early intervention and early return-to-work strategies. We use a combination of independent medical opinion, case management and GP/Specialist reports.

With our client’s large disparate property portfolio throughout the UK and low numbers of employees at each site, it was not effective to provide on-site face-to-face Occupational Health Assessments. The fastest and most cost-effective solution was the introduction of a remote case management occupational health service. Employees were contacted within 24 hours of receipt of the referral to arrange a telephone consultation date and time.

The key to effective and efficient case management is providing the most appropriately qualified clinician for each individual consultation. Our Occupational Health Clinicians concentrate on obtaining the clinical detail required to give an objective opinion on whether an individual is fit to return to work. When appropriate, recommendations are made to make an early return to work possible. For each case, a report will be provided detailing the principal issues affecting the employee, including the prognosis, agreed return-to-work plan and target return-to-work date.

Normally consultations are undertaken within 48 hours, with reports being uploaded for viewing within 24 hours of the consultation (dependent on consent process). Our processes allow for pre and post consultation with line managers/HR to provide support and advice relating to employees returning to work or otherwise.

Working closely with Human Resources and the case management teams, we have provided insightful management information to improve absence management across the organisation.

Embedding ourselves within the organisation, we have gained a great understanding of their culture, ethos, procedures and processes. Aligning these with our own, we have been able to add value to the contract, creating a true partnership with the HR, case management and health & wellbeing teams.

The Results

Our client has been able to embed a truly bespoke Occupational Health Service, which supports their employees and provides clear actionable advice on complex sickness absence cases. This further demonstrates their commitment to improving the health & safety of employees across the organisation.

Along with the employee engagement benefits, there is a return on investment that has been realised in getting individuals back to work earlier or staying in work during sickness absence.

Building relationships with key stakeholders have been vital to the success of the service. Contract Managers being appointed by both sides has also had a fundamental impact on the success. These managers meet monthly to discuss day-to-day activity, prioritising activity going forward.

Our totally proactive service provides bespoke management information, allowing us to identify trends and give suggestions on how to resolve any potential issues.

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