6 Quick Tips for Healthy Summer Eating

6 Quick Tips for Healthy Summer Eating

6 Quick Tips for Healthy Summer Eating

Summer’s here, and the livin’ is easy!

Whether you’re at home or at work, one of the best things about summer is the great food that comes with it.

We’ve asked Dylan Foster, a writer at Health Well Wise, to give us some quick and simple tips for making the most of summer and promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace and at home through healthy summer meals!

In-Season Produce

One of the biggest benefits of summertime is that fresh fruits and veg abound. NDTV points out freshly harvested produce offers the best nutritional benefits.

Visit your local farmers market for the best in traditional seasonal ingredients, everything from berries, salad and green beans to carrots, potatoes and soft fruits.

EatingWell recommends including fresh, tart cherries in your shopping trip since they are jam-packed with energising, nutritional goodness.

Keep Cool

frozen lollies made from fresh fruit

Are you looking for summer snacks that are fun and healthy?

Skip the bags of unhealthy, salty, mass-produced snack foods.

One idea is to freeze bite-sized pieces of fresh fruit. It’s a refreshing, nutritious, and convenient solution in-between other healthy summer meals.

Or make your own fruity ice lollies!

Remember Breakfast

Bowls of muesli, croissants and fresh fruit-the epitome of healthy summer eating

Even if your summer days are filled with dips in the pool or camping trips, don’t skip out on the most important meal of the day.

Most experts contend that your body is in need of sustenance first thing in the morning, so get your summer days started with great energy.

Bang Out the BBQ

A summer barbecue

A barbecue is the epitome of summer eating, and it can be an easy and healthy way to prepare foods.

Try these nourishing and delicious side and main dish gas-grill recipes that are perfect for the whole family, including grilled vegetable risotto, carrot fries, and grilled steak pineapple skewers.

Play It Safe

A food thermometer in the middle of a barbecue

Picnics and barbecues are part of summertime foodie fun, but make sure you’re not cooking up delectable disasters.

Food Insight recommends always using a food thermometer to ensure your grilled goodies are cooked thoroughly. Also, make sure everyone’s hands are clean, and remember to never recycle marinades.

Stay Hydrated

A woman drinking a glass of water

Whether you’re in a stuffy office or enjoying the sunshine outdoors, dehydration is a real risk during hot weather.

Studies suggest that you should drink 2 litres of water a day.

But there are other ways to stay hydrated. One Suggestion is to eat plenty of watermelons. It’s a satisfying, healthy snack worthy of its delicious name.

Healthy Summer Eating – Yummy Summer Fun!

A mother and her daughter eating watermelon

Summer is a great season for good eating.

When out with the family, make the most of the trips to picnics, barbecues, parks, and outdoor events.

And if you’re in the office, make sure that you stay hydrated and healthy and always keep things light, easy, and nutritious.

Dylan Foster enjoys writing about topics related to how our homes affect our health and happiness. When he isn’t writing for Health Well Wise he works as an office assistant and enjoys hiking local trails with his dog, Samson.

If you’d like to see how our occupational health services can encourage healthy summer eating amongst your staff, contact us today.