Tips for healthy eating in the workplace

Tips for healthy eating in the workplace

Tips for healthy eating in the workplace

Wednesday, October 11th is World Obesity Day. It was launched in 2015 to stimulate and support practical solutions to help people achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Finding time to focus on healthy eating in the workplace can be difficult. You’re already juggling writing emails, arranging meetings, going to meetings, and dealing with colleagues and clients.

On top of all this, making sure that you’re eating enough protein and getting your five-a-day of fruit and veg can just feel like extra hassle. But healthy eating in the workplace needn’t be difficult.

In fact, there are some pretty simple tricks to use that can help you maintain important health goals.

These four tips can ensure that, during your normal 9-5, you won’t neglect your health and wellbeing in the workplace and focus on things like how to lower cholesterol levels and avoid the risk of diabetes.

1.      Plan in advance

The key to healthy eating in the workplace is to plan, plan, plan.

healthy eating in the workplace meal prep

You wouldn’t expect an important presentation or difficult discussion to go well without some forethought and a bit of effort – eating healthily at work is exactly the same.

It’s absolutely vital to think in advance about what you’re going to eat. That might mean scouting out the healthy lunch options at the cafeteria or local cafés.

By thinking about it before your blood sugar is low, and you are tempted by unhealthy treats, you can plan out a more balanced and appropriate meal.

For some, planning means bringing in healthy work lunches from home. This can certainly make it easier to eat healthier.

Home-cooked food using fresh ingredients and lots of vegetables is a great way to eat well. It’s especially helpful when you want to focus on other health issues, like how to lower cholesterol levels or maintain a healthy weight.

2.      Keep healthy snacks nearby

When you are busy at work, it’s easy to get hungry and reach for the nearest snack. By making that snack a healthy one, you can automatically and easily make your working life that little bit healthier.

For example, try keeping a pot of raw nuts and seeds in your desk drawer. These are usually higher in unsaturated fat than saturated fat, as NHS explore in their guide to cutting down fat.

healthy eating in the workplace snacks

3.      Recognise your triggers and find alternatives

Often we eat at work out of boredom or the need for distraction.

If you tend to reach for something sweet mid-afternoon, recognise that this might be because you’re experiencing a post-lunch energy slump and try getting your fix in another way.

For example, you could take a brisk walk around the building.

4.      Keep healthy in other ways

Being active at work can give you energy and make you feel better about your body. This also translates into how you feel about food.

Those with good body image tend to want to eat healthier because they want to treat their body with love and respect. Why not start an office running club or early morning yoga class?

healthy eating in the workplace exercise

These are just a few tips for healthy eating in the workplace. If you’d like some more advice about how our occupational health services can improve health and wellbeing in the workplace, get in touch with our team today.

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